Aduna Review

Aduna Review Everyone loves super stuff at the moment, weather it is Super Grains, Super Protein, Super Milk or even Super Heros. Well two Super Heros, Andrew Hunt & Nick Salter are the co-founder to a wonderful bunch of products of Super Powders that aren’t just super good for us to consume, they’re also super good for the […]

Vegetarian Week – The Difference Between Vegans & Vegetarians

Vegetarian Week – The Difference Between Vegans & Vegetarians The 18th to the 24th May 2015 was Vegetarian Week. I thought I would take this opportunity to look at the difference between Vegetarians & Vegans. What I believe to be the most obvious difference between them – Vegetarians only avoid meat. Quite literally that is […]

The Little Things Mean Big Things When You’re A Little Gluten-Free Vegan Girl.

  When you have a massive change in your diet there are aspects of your life that make you so happy – that others – the norms – the mudbloods – those kinds of people often take for granted Here are a few I experience. When Nakd Bars bring out a new bar – they advertise it […]