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I went to Londons VegFest. When I was casually walking round – checking out the amazing foods on offer I smelt something amazing. The stall that was giving out this great aroma that had drawn the crowd in was titled Great Foods ( & I thought to myself – ‘I need to check this out’. I couldn’t resist buying a few of these products. They did not last in my fridge for long! They were the best falafels, bites, pakoras & burgers I’d ever tasted. When I found out they sold them in Asda – well I knew what was going on my next shopping list.

This page will be filled with all the wonderful recipes I make with Great Food products. I will test everything & let you know how amazing it turns out. Such a hard life I lead 🙂


Recipe – Gluten-Free Vegan Moroccan Falafel & Mixed Bean & Mushroom Rice.

Great Food UK Moroccan Falafels

Great Food UK Moroccan Falafels











I love falafels! There are a few items of food I think all Vegans love. Falafel, houmous & peanut butter are just a few. Vegans have their weaknesses. So let’s talk about one of my favourite Great Food products – Moroccan Falafels. They’re super tasty & just a little bit spicy. Great cold on a salad or warm on a cold wintery evening.

Before I decided to turn to a Gluten-Free life-style I loved falafels with pita bread & houmous. However for the life of me I have yet to find Gluten-Free Vegan Pita breads. So I’m thinking outside the box. Outside of the box works well for me & food. This particular recipe is really easy to make & only took around thirty/forty minutes to make. Perfect.



250g Button Mushrooms

One Can of Mixed beans

150g Brown Rice

Tinned Tomatoes

One Garlic Clove

One Chilli

Mixed Herbs.

500g Polenta

Two packs of Great Food UK Moroccan Falafels

Great Food UK Moroccan FalafelsGreat Food UK Moroccan Falafels



Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

Slice the polenta into chip sized portions & marinate in a liquid sauce of your choice for around half an hour. I used cranberry infused balsamic vinegar – however any type of balsamic vinegar can be used, vegan Worcestershire sauce or soy sauce – whatever you enjoy. Once marinated pop onto a baking tray & into the oven – cook for around twenty minutes. As always this depends on your oven so make sure to check occasionally.

Great Food UK Moroccan Falafels

In a saucepan cook the rice. I use this website for cooking rice tips ( Rice can be tricky – you don’t want to overcook it or burn it.

Prepare & wash mushrooms, chop the chilli & crush the garlic.

In a frying pan fry (I use 1 Kcal spray) the mushrooms, garlic & chilli. Fry on a medium heat for around fifteen minutes or until mushroom are cooked to your liking.

Pop Falafels on a baking tray & warm through (this can also be done in the microwave – but as the oven is already on with your polenta chips cooking away you could use the oven. However the choice is yours!)

Once rice is cooked & there is no water left in the pan, add mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, mixed beans & mixed herbs. Mix & warm through on a low to medium heat.

By this point the falafels should be warmed & the Polenta chips should be cooked & golden brown.

Cut & wash eight large lettuce leaves, dry & put two on each plate. Fill each lettuce leaf with the rice mixture. Place the falafels on top of the rice & stack the polenta chips to one side.

Great Food UK Moroccan FalafelsGreat Food UK Moroccan Falafels



This recipe serves four – 210 calories, 1.2g of fat each. Please remember this is a rough calorie & fat count. It depends on what & how much you use.

Contains more than your five a day.

Gluten-free, suitable for Vegetarians, Little Monsters & Bunnies

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