Moo Free Chocolates Rosie Rabbit Bar


Hey kids. Who likes chocolate *raises hand*

Who likes Easter? * raises both hands*

I love Easter. Easily one of my favourite holidays, I mean whoever thought; ‘that bloke was nailed to a cross for a bit, then he did some crazy rock moving stuff and came back to life or something. We should probably make chocolate into the shape of eggs and just eat bloody loads of them until we feel sick’

Pretty sure that’s how the Easter story goes right? I mean, I didn’t do GCSE religious studies, but I’m positive that’s why we have Easter Eggs.

Now for a slightly better story and in my opinion, much more inspiring, how Moo Free Chocolates very own Hammy made delicious vegan choccies.

‘Hammy Hamster loved both of her baby hamsters very much but felt very sad as one of them could not eat dairy products due to a dairy intolerance. In those days it was very hard to find milk alternatives and at Easter she only managed to find a yukkie carob Easter egg, which did not taste like chocolate at all. Even soya products were few and far between and had a funny aftertaste. She faced a dilemma; should both baby hamsters go without an Easter egg? It was very hard for her poor little baby hamster to understand.

Then one day Hammy heard about Maisy Moo, a cow whose calf was taken away from her when it was born. She was then made to give away all of her milk that should have been for her baby cow. Maisy never got to see her calf again and was very sad. Hammy decided that Maisy Moo should not have to give her milk to make chocolate. So she decided to find another way to make milk chocolate without using any cow’s milk.
After a few years of experimenting Hammy finally did it. “I don’t need your milk for my chocolate Maisy” she told her, “go on, you’re free”. Maisy Moo had long been dreaming of her baby calf and set off on her quest to find her.

Remembering the disappointment of her baby at Easter, Hammy decided to first try and make some dairy free Easter eggs. After several chocolate tasting trials the scrummy Easter eggs were finally ready. They were so delicious that all the baby hamsters loved them, even those that didn’t have to have dairy free chocolates.
Hammy Hamster and her friends now work very hard to make lots of dairy free chocolates for everyone.’

That’s a nice story, I like Maisy, she seems like a pretty sound lady! Do you think she likes cow jokes… My favourite cow joke is…

Q: What sound do you hear when a cow breaks the sound barrier?
A: Cowboom.

Brilliant. Anyway, to get to business…

rosie-bunny_2000xMoo Free have created an amazing range of Vegan chocolate treats and their Rosie Rabbit Bar is one of my favourites… Not only is it Bunny shaped, but it is also tastes like ‘normal’ (I mean is it normal to use another animals milk… ask Maisy, she’ll tell you! But for the sake of this let’s call that normal) chocolate. It’s creamy, smooth, and melt in the mouthiness that leaves me, personally, wanting more. Which normally happens… I just eat loads!… I love that ‘I feel sick’ feeling I get when I eat too many Easter goodies.

A great, yummy product from a fantastic company!

If you would like to know where to purchase Moo Free Chocolates please visit Moo Free Where to Buy

Moo Free sent me samples, however my opinions are my own and they had no influence in what I wrote.

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