The Vegan Kind Box (Box 43)

The Vegan Kind (Box 43)

This is my second The Vegan Kind box & I am again a happy customer!


 Hippeas Cheese & Love


So I’m not always a fan of cheese flavoured stuff, even when I was a Veggie, it was cheese or no cheese, not knowing if I was going to like these or not, I still decided to go in with an open mind. They were actually quite nice, they were tangy & I enjoyed their puffiness. I would certainly have these again & I am excited to try their other flavours, especially the fajita & sweet & smoking varieties. RRP 99p

Angelic Cocktail Oaties


I have no idea what Cocktail Oaties are. Never heard of them, never had them, so I had no idea what to expect. I had them for lunch one day, used them like you would use a rice cake. They were really nice, much nicer than a rice cake. Not crunchy, a little soft, but the taste was great, on their own & smothered in cream cheese. Looking forward to eating the rest of them. RRP £2.60

Bute Island Creamy Sheese

Bute Island

I have had Bute Islands Sheese dozens of times, I would find it hard to know a Vegan that hasn’t! This stuff is brilliant, their Creamy Sheese Original is amazing, this one I used in many different ways. On the above oaties, on pizza, in cashew cream, on toast, in a pasta sauce. It’s super versatile. A great product & I would highly recommend this to any Vegan. RRP £2.30

Terra Vegane Omelette Mix


This for me was the highlight of the box from when I first opened it, I had never heard of Terra Vegane Omelette Mix before & I have yet to find a egg replacement I really like for a good price. I honestly just prefer scrambled tofu. I have made a couple of omelettes with this & you know what, it is pretty good. I can’t really remember what omelettes taste like, but this was really good & the price is actually pretty reasonable, I would certainly buy this again, perfect for a treat. RRP £4.00

Vita Coco Coconut Oil

Vita coco

I have blogged on behalf of Vita Coco before, they sent me their oil a few years ago. I love Coconut Oil, like most people I use it for everything, in cooking, baking, on my hair, lip balm, to stop chaffing when I run, yes everything. Vita Coco has a brilliant Coconut Oil, this little sachet is very handy to keep in your bag, as a just in case saviour. £4.99 for 250ml tub

Organica Hazelnut Nougat Delight


This is one of the things I love about The Vegan Kind box, I knew Organica made chocolates, but I didn’t know they made loads of other products too! They have peanut butter, curry sauces, soups & loads more stuff. I look forward to finding more of their things. However for now, my favourite bar by Organica, the Hazelnut Nougat Delight, it reminds me of Snickers or a Marrs Bar, but of course better, the ingredients are cleaner & it’s cruelty free. So tasty & such a yummy treat! RRP 99p

Humble Brush


I said that the Omelette mix was highlight of my box, however I think this one might be my favourite. Yes it’s a toothbrush, but it’s not just any old tooth brush; Designed in Sweden , Developed by dentists, Kind to our planet, Humble to others. It’s made from biodegradable bamboo, plus it looks super cool! Every time a Humble brush is purchased money goes towards a fund raising project for children in need of oral care. We do this via our support of the Humble Smile Foundation that delivers comprehensive, preventive oral care in sustainable projects in the most vulnerable communities around the world. Going forward I will only ever buy Humble toothbrushes, because these, & everything they do is amazing! £3.99

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