The Vegan Kind (Box 42)

The Vegan Kind (Box 42)

Around this time last month I found out about The Vegan Kind. I was amazed & happy to hear such a thing existed! After a little stalking on their website & social media platforms I thought it sounded like a great idea, so I ordered my first box.

I was so please with my first box I decide it would be a great thing to share on my blog. Not only is this a brilliant company, ‘The Vegan Kind’ sending out yummy goodies, but it’s a great way to share new yummy Vegan products.


Rebel Kitchen Chia Mylk

This mylk is coconut based with tasty chia flavours & it still manages to keep a clean ingredients list. It’s organic which is great but means it doesn’t contain added calcium or B12. However it’s so tasty, full of yummy warming flavours, I had mine warm one evening, however I can imagine it also tastes great cold.

Price at £1.70 online with Ocado.

Good Hemp Seed Hearts

So these came just in time for me… I had just run out of hemp seeds, I have them every morning in my breakfast. However I had never tried Good Hemp before, to be honest I think this may have been my favourite product from the box. These are great quality hemp seeds & delisious as a topping on breakfasts & other meals. I would never have thought of trying Hemp Seeds on mean meals before. A product I would definitely buy again!

Price on the online store at £4.49

InSprial Salted Caramel Coconut Pecks


So I love Coconut, everyone knows this! So I knew I was going to love these. I also really like InSprials Kale crisps, so I just new this was going to be an all round success! These are super tasty for an after lunch snack, sweet but not sickly. Crunchy & moreish! I would happily eat these again!

Price on the online store at £1.19

Ten Acre When Bombay got Spicy


These were the only things in the box that I first saw & wasn’t massively excited for. I’m not a crisp person, I’m one of those. However I do like spice & I decided to be open minded, & I actually really liked them! Great taste & good thick crisp, not like the mainstream crumbly tasteless ones! If you are a crisp person you will LOVE these, they are great, for me, I enjoyed them, but unless I’m in a crispy mood I probably wouldn’t have them again.

Price at 0.89p online in Holland & Barrett.

Consider it Chocolate Cream Egg


So this was prettttty tasty! Certainly a great Easter Treat from The Vegan Kind. I never had a cream egg before, but this was so tasty that if you loved them before turning Vegan this would certainly be a great replacement. So sweet, tasty, sugar, yes a little bit sickly, but oh my gosh amazing! That’s exactly what I want from an Easter treat! This will definitely be on my Easter Wish List 2018!

Human + Kind Conditioner


I wasn’t expecting something that wasn’t foody related in my Vegan Kind box, so this was a nice surprise! Firstly it smells AMAZING! Made for dry hair, which is perfect for my overly bleached locks! The ingredients are some of my favourites; Shea butter & Avocado Oil. After using this for a week my hair feels soft & light again, a brilliant product, plus it’s cruelty free, the best kind of product!

Price on the online store at Euro 7.95

Overall a bunch of great products, amazing value for money & I’m looking forward to my May box. My favourite item had to be the Hemp Seeds, as they were tasty but so versatile & useful. Plus the bag lasts for ages! However I am looking forward to seeing the other products in the high street & purchasing them again!

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