Plamil Easter Treats

There is a brilliant company, one that I can grantee every Vegan has experienced their delicious food. It’s the oldest Vegan company, going back to the 1960s, good ethics, great products, wonderful staff & of course super tasty foods! Plamil Foods has an amazing range of products, & I have been lucky enough to blog for them for a whole year now! Their Egg Free Mayo is by far my favourite out their, the Lemongrass Mayo & Green Chilli is in constant stock in our fridge. Their Dairy Free Chocolate is amazing, I have a few favourite Vegan chocolates & Plamil is certainly one of them. Coconut Blossom is insanely delicious, a perfect treat, & last year I had so many of their None of That Bunny Bars, I was chuffed!

We passionately believe in producing food that is made to the highest standards possible. We are more than a ‘brand’, as we actually make products in our own factory, giving us control over every aspect of production resulting in tasty food for all…

We think our customers should be able to enjoy food, knowing that every care is taken whilst in production, but also have complete assurance about both the purity of ingredients that goes in to making a product, as well as assurance that no other ingredient is present as well…. Our products are made to the highest Vegan standards, production is SALSA certified, and we are also certified by organisations such as Fairtrade Foundation, Soil Association, UTZ and Kosher.

organic-bow-tie-bunny-6FTMB65Plamil were kind enough to send me a few of their Easter goodies to try. The first one which is one that I haven’t tried before, was their Organic Fairtrade Alternative to Milk Chocolate Bow-Tie Bunny… a fun, treat for kids of all ages. Perfect for any Easter Egg hunt, sharing with a loved one or keeping all to yourself in Spring!

They come in an adorable box with a blue bunny of top, very cute & eye catching. The chocolates themselves are cute patterned half eggs, a perfect bitesized chocolate fix! These have a very limited & a clean ingredients list, made with rice syrup & cocoa butter makes this chocolate perfectly sweet & indulgent, also rice chocolate taste surprising similar to dairy chocolate. I personally think these make a perfect Easter gift. (Priced online at £3.49)

lotsof-bunny-bar-5LOTSMBU-0116Plamil also have a range of Easter Bunny Bars – in three dairy free varieties! Choose from Lots of This None of That, Organic Fairtrade Milky Dairy Free and No Added Sugar Expressions bars. 

Plamil sent me the Lots of this None of That Bunny Bar. One of my favourite bars from Plamil, so of course I love it even more when it comes in the shape of a bunny! This one has reduced sugar, however it is still tasty delisious & creamy, with a great melt in the mouth consistency because of the great quality rice syrup they use. With its adorable bunny shape & psychedelic packaging this bunny bar is perfect in an Easter Egg hunt, or a special lunch box treat. (Priced online at £1.38)

Finally the most traditional Easter Gift… The Easter Egg, the only kind of egg that is acceptable to eat! Plamils Organic Fairtrade Alternative to Milk Chocolate Easter Egg is a must as an Easter gift! All the taste of dairy milk without dairy. A fun, Easter treat for kids of all ages.


This fair trade egg is a mixture of sugar, cocoa & rice, which makes it very tasty without being sickly, smooth & all round yummy. Plus when you crack it, it does the perfect crack, which everyone wants from their Easter Egg! This is by far one of my favourite Vegan Easter Eggs, just the right amount of tastiness in a bright eye catching package covered in cute little bunnies & compared to a lot of other Vegan Easter eggs it’s a great price & won’t break the bank. Great product at a reasonable price. (Priced online at £3.99)

So with just under a week left until Easter if you are wondering what to get those special people in your life I would highly suggest you head down to your local Health Food Store or visit Plamil’s online shop. They have great quality, yummy Easter products, perfect for kids & big kids, all at a great prices.


I only write about companies & products I like & all the opinions are my own.



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