Nush Yogurts

I am really enjoying the progress of Veganism in Supermarkets, especially the chilled section. What I am most surprised about is the Yogurts, when I first turned Vegan the only yogurts I could find were  Alpro Soya Yogurts & in all honesty, I really don’t like them. They either have quite a strong aftertaste or they are packed full of sugar. Then I found Coconut Yogurts, Co Yo, Coconut Collaborative & Koko Dairy Free all have an amazing range of yogurts, from the luxury to the standard dairy like for like, from a rich coconut flavour to fruitiness. They are amazing. However, move over Coconut, there is a new kid on the block. Almond Yogurts, made by Nush. I have always picked Coconut or Almond Milk over Soya or other dairy alternatives, I prefer them, I think they have a nicer taste. So I knew I was going to love these new Almond Yogurts, plus they are packed full of good, healthy stuff & they are normally low in calories. Coconut Yogurts have taken off by storm, so I am not surprised to see an Almond Yogurt & I think they’ll be just as popular!


Here at Nush Foods we believe in doing dairy free differently, we use the highest quality natural ingredients and the most ethical suppliers to create the most amazing dairy and soya free products. Starting with the UK and Europe’s first ever Almond Milk Dairy Free Yoghurt range in four delicious flavours…

I was very excited when I received these products in the post, the Caramel & Hibiscus was the pot that caught my attention & the one I tried first.


Our Natural almond milk yogurt is produced using Organic Sicilian almonds, that provide a smooth and creamy mouth feel. We churn this with our delicious homemade plant based caramel made using coconut sugar and a hint of hibiscus, giving a sweet flavour combination with a hint of almond tang.


This one is seriously tasty & certainly my favourite. The coconut sugar makes a perfect caramel taste, hibiscus normally has a slightly tart flavour, however mixing these too flavours, sweet & tart has left an amazing flavour combination, the yogurt it sweet but not sickly, just super tasty. The texture is thick & smooth, how I want a luxury yogurt to be!

The next yogurt on my list was Blueberry, I am not always a fan of blueberry yogurts, I find them too sweet. However this one I loved!

Naturally sweet English blueberries are added to our yogurt giving a mixture of a sharp and sweet flavour profile that adds to the texture and creaminess of our yoghurt. The yogurt is mixed with the fruit to create a soft and creamy texture with luxurious mouth feel.


It certainly isn’t sickly sweet (as my poor boyfriend found out, when he stole a spoonful expecting sweet blueberry yogurt & he was surprised by the real taste of blueberries).Yes, of course blueberries are sweet, but they aren’t the sickly sugary taste we know, they are slightly tart & full of flavour. This really comes through in the yogurt, it’s very yummy. It’s taste & texture reminds me of a Greek yogurt & it truly is delicious!

I love Peaches! So I was very excited about this one, I often find some Peach yogurts are a little artificial tasting. This one isn’t, it’s the sweetest of the 4 yogurts, but that’s okay because Peaches are sweet!


Our Natural almond milk yogurt is produced using Organic Sicilian almonds, that provide a smooth and creamy mouth feel. We then mix this with our deliciously sweet English peach and raspberry puree that gives a creamy, luxurious mouth feel with a hint of almond tang.


It’s a little smoother, less big bits & thick, this one would be perfect for children because of it’s texture & consistency. Plus it’s naturally sweet, so little ones would love the taste. Big kids too of course!

The final one I tried was the Natural Yogurt, of course we have to remember, it’s not natural, how you expect a dairy yogurt to be, it’s made from alomds, so it’s best thought of as a plain almond yogurt. Make sense?

Our Natural almond milk yogurt is produced using Organic Sicilian almonds, that provide a smooth and creamy mouth feel. The natural flavour of our almond milk is balanced with acidity produced by Probiotic cultures that are aged with the milk during production. Our yogurt is then churned to a silky texture and packed.


This one is exactly how I imagined it to be, like a Greek Yogurt, it even looks like a Greek Yogurt, thick & white in colour, that slight stiffness in texture, but still creamy when stirred. The taste was a little bit tart, but rich & smooth, just like it’s Greek dairy competitors. It has such a slight nutty taste which is lovely. I personally wouldn’t have this one straight up, as I wouldn’t do that with any plain yogurt. I natural yogurt to Smoothies & Breakfasts. I had this one with Nutribrex, banana, seeds & Proper Nutty Peanut Butter & it was amazing!


These Yogurts can be found in Planet Organic or Wholefoods, as well as independent stores, they are around £2.15 for a 125g pot, which you may think is expensive compared to a standard dairy yogurt. However this isn’t a standard yogurt, firstly it’s almonds, which are more expensive anyway, but they are far nicer. It’s also much more like a luxury yogurt with indulgent flavours, rather than a bog standard dairy sugar filled yogurt. Plus it’s full of good stuff & it’s cruelty free. I am a huge fan & will be stocking up next time I see them! Fan for life & it’s great to have more choice when it comes to dairy free, soya free yogurts!

Overall I think these yogurts are amazing, I love that the are almond based, but the nuttiness doesn’t overpower the taste of the fruits or other flavours. It’s great to see the choices now available in Dairy Free/Vegan Yogurts, it’s another win for us. However in my opinion Nush are a double win, for choice & yumminess!
The lovely people from Just: Gluten Free Bakery sent me their Gluten Free goodies to try. I only write about companies & products I like & all the opinions are my own.

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