Just: Gluten Free Bakery

So I didn’t pick the easiest of situations… Gluten Intolerant & Vegan! Well I didn’t choose a Gluten Free life, unfortunately my IBS did! & Veganism… Well when your compassionate about other life why would you want to eat it. So being GFV is my life & in all honesty I am actually very happy about it. A healthy gut & a cruelty free way of life.

Why isn’t it easy? The wheaty choices for those of us that are GFV are pretty pants. I love bread with my soup, toast for my beans, buns for my nut patty & even those delicious Easter treats; hot cross buns. However a lot of GF wheat replacements are lacking the V, they often contain eggs, milk or honey (What the fudge?!?! I know right!!). When you do find Gluten Free Vegan Bread, well first of all I’ll have to remortgage my house & enjoy eating dry, tasteless, flat cardboard… You get my point?

However… a couple of months back I was in Asda, browsing the Free From Section when I saw a new bread. I was so sure it was going to contain egg I almost didn’t pick it up. ‘Ah I may as well check’ I thought to myself, I didn’t even need to look at the ingredients, I saw that good old faithful Vegan logo. I was very happy & straight in the shopping basket it went. I went home, toasted it, put some beans on it, & I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was it not a total rip off, it also tasted good. That’s when Just: Gluten Free Bakery entered my life. I like to think of this story as quite a romantic one… We locked eyes on that supermarket shelf, we had a moment, it could have easily have gone the other way. Now we are in that honeymoon stage… You know that stage when you just can’t get enough of one another, I literally stuff this bread into my face hole everyday. That’s love.

I was so pleased with this bread I decided to contact Just: Gluten Free Bakery & tell them this romantic love affair. They were kind enough to send me samples on a condition that I would blog about them (all relationships have their compromises). I was even happier when I received my parcel, not only did my goodie box come with their delicious sliced Bread, it also had Burger Buns, Brioche Buns… But also Hot Cross Buns, I LOVE HOT CROSS BUNS! It’s been about 3 years since I had this Easter Treat, it’s all I used to eat when I was at Uni. I was over joyed.

Avoiding Gluten for my IBS, sometimes I miss normaly gluteny products. I’m sure others who are in the same boat as me do too. The fancy ‘raw’ substitutes, sweet potato breads or just having a naked burger is fine, & yes they are super tasty, but sometimes I want the simple stuff. That’s why I’m a little in love with Just: Gluten Free Bakery!

At Just: Gluten Free Bakery we believe that gluten free bakery products can be as good as standard wheat products, or better! Our Team are hard-working, very individual people all passionate about gluten free baking and joined by the same goal: to do it Justice!     


So let’s start off with Just: Gluten Free Bakery Seeded Bread this comes in two sizes, which I think is great. It gives people the option if they consumer a lot of bread, or more than one person in the house will be eating it then they can have the bigger loaf. If, like me, you have toast twice a week then the smaller one is perfect. The bread itself is amazing, it tastes fresh, it’s fluff & soft. Not as all like cardboard or dry. I have used it straight up as a sandwich, toasted it, & turned it into garlic bread. It is greatly versatile & worked well with everything I threw at it. The seeds are an added extra yum, giving the bread a little extra flavour, texture & of course protein.


The Just: Gluten Free Bakery 4 Good White Rolls are not just good, they are great. They are your lovely standard white rolls everyone loves to have their burgers on. However the GFV versions (the few) I have tried are half the size of the burger as well as being dry & crumbly. This one is neither. It is like for like with a wheaty burger roll. It is soft, fluffy & tastes just like normal bread & my burger fitted in it perfectly.


This brings us on to The Just: Gluten Free Bakery 2 Brioche Style Buns – it has been a very long time since I have had anything brioche, I didn’t even think such a thing could exists in a Vegan world! I know in the meat world everyone is loving pulled pork on a brioche bun, so I knew I had to wiz up pulled jackfruit. Both my partner & I agreed this was delicious & he’s not even Gluten Free/Intolerant. It was soft & just a little sweet, the texture was amazing & I can’t wait to purchase these ones again!


Finally The Just: Gluten Free Bakery 4 Hot Cross Buns – like I said the last time I had Hot Cross Buns was before I turned GFV. So that’s coming up to 3 years! I used to love Hot Cross Buns, everything about them, from their smell, to how they toast & especially how they taste. So I would say this was the thing I missed the most when I changed, but I sucked it up & got on with it. A couple of times I spotted Hot Cross Buns in the Free From Section, but they were never free of Eggs or Milk. I even considered making them, but I’m not a great baker. I honestly didn’t even know that Just: Gluten Free Bakery made these… So when they turned up I bounced around my living room with excitement & the next day I had them for Breakfast. I haven’t got much to say for them apart from THEY ARE AMAZING! I opened the pack & I could smell their sweet aroma. I toasted them & they looked amazing (I also burnt my finger because I was over excited) the spread melted onto them perfectly & the taste. Well it’s just how I remember them being. My favourite! So much so I have ordered some more & I have asked my local Asda to consider selling them.

If there is one thing you take away from this blog, please understand that the products I have tried from Just: Gluten Free Bakery are all amazing, but the Hot Cross Buns are just WOW!

Of course these products are wheat, dairy, egg free, suitable for Vegans & Coeliacs however they are also soya free.

I froze some of the bread & buns, when they were defrosted they were still amazing & in great quality.

Price wise;  the 600g Bread is £3.09, the 300g Bread £2.29. 2 Brioche Buns are £1.29 & 4 Hot Cross Buns are £2.59. Yes they are more expensive then their wheat filled rivals, however that is the case with all Gluten Free breads. Just: Gluten Free bakery is in line, if not a little cheaper than other Gluten Free Breads. Plus they are just as tasty as ‘normal’ Breads. Which a lot of other companies lack!

The lovely people from Just: Gluten Free Bakery sent me their Gluten Free goodies to try. I only write about companies & products I like & all the opinions are my own.

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