Plamil Coconut Blossom Review

When there is a brand I love. I’ll happily shout about them & sing their praises! Plamil is certainly one of those brands! In the past I have reviewed their Chocolate Bunnies in my I Love Easter! Review, their Egg Free Mayo & they were kind enough to send me their Green Chilli Egg Free Mayo as soon as it was released.

Now I get to review their Organic Fairtrade Chocolate with Coconut Blossom Sugar Snack Bar – however lets start off with a little chocolatey overview.

Plamil Organic & Fairtrade chocolate have been passionately making organic chocolate for fifteen years, being the first chocolate manufacturer to be registered in the UK by the Soil Association. We source most of our Organic and Fairtrade cocoa from farming co-operative in the Dominican Republic, and unlike so many brands nowadays, we actually make our own chocolate in our factory, which never uses dairy/animal, wheat/gluten or nuts.

Plamil is a 100% vegan company. All our products are made to the highest Vegan standards, and carry our Registered Vegan trademark. I love it when there is a company totally dedicated to making all vegan products. It’s refreshing, & much better than doing a mainstream product then a vegan product, or coming across a accidentally vegan product.



Now. Let’s talk about chocolate, Organic Fairtrade Chocolate with Coconut Blossom Sugar Snack Bar to be exact. Now I love coconut, so if made correctly I new this wouldn’t disappoint! Plamils milk chocolate is made from rice milk. We were the first to make chocolate using rice milk producing our award winning dairy free alternative to milk chocolate.  I love rice milk chocolate, the difference between it & dark chocolate is that it is sweeter rather than rich. Don’t get me wrong, I love dark chocolate, but sometimes you just want a hit of something sweet. This bar is so creamy & melts in the mouth. It’s sweetened with Coconut Blossom Sugar rather than refined cane sugar. This combination makes it’s just sweet enough & the coconut blossom taste comes through nicely matching the smooth milk chocolate.

This bar is priced at just £1.35 for 35g, or if you’re feeling indulgent the 100g bar is £3.35. Which I think it a good price for good quality Vegan Chocolate.

I have tried almost all of the Plamil Chocolate Range (minus the chocolate spread which is the next on my list – I know I’m going to love it!) However Organic Fairtrade Chocolate with Coconut Blossom Sugar Snack Bar is one I buy every time. It’s by far my favourite! However Plamil haven’t disappointed me yet, they are a wonderful company, friendly whenever I talk or meet them, they always come out with new, innovative, wonderful ideas. I honestly can’t wait for the next one!


The wonderful people at Plamil gave me their Chocolate with Coconut Blossom Sugar Snack Bar to try. I only write about companies & products I like & all the opinions are my own.


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