Two years ago, on the 1st September 2014 I decided to set myself the challenge of being Vegan. I had been vegetarian for 8 years! I remember thinking Vegan was a step too far, way too tough for me. So I thought by setting myself a Month Vegan Challenge it would be testing the waters. I knew I’d be able to smash the Month out of the park. Little did I think I would be able to stick to it after the month was up. Look at me now, two years later. Loving my Vegan Life, it’s a part of who I am.

Every now & then I like to update you lovely readers on my life. I also like to celebrate my Veganniversasy. So I thought I would bundle these two things up together. Enjoy!

So what has changed since our last update? Well I still work for Koko Dairy Free, love it here, working for a company that gives a fudge. My current role is split between Sales & Marketing, Sales I generate figures for the Sales guys & help with daily tasks. Marketing is much more exciting, I’m the social media girl (yes that’s right, if you follow Koko Dairy Free on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that’s me chatting away! So like what I say & say hello J). I also get an insight into what Vegany treats are next as well as, looking into new recipes for you guys to try & talking to other likeminded bloggers. Yes I have currently landed myself a dream job.


I still live in my lovely little one bedroom apartment on the River Severn, it’s a beautiful little place in Worcester, just minutes away from the city. A happy place to live. Last time we spoke the apartment was occupied by myself & my two beautiful bunnies. We’ve had some new lodgers & we have unfortunately had a loose. Firstly my wonderful boyfriend, his pseudonym is Bae, has moved in with me. He is a great addition to our little GFV family.


I also became a mother to two hairy little Guinea Pigs. I rescued them from a Mother who had purchased them for her Daughter, but she soon lost interest & the Mom didn’t have time to look after them. So of course I stepped in. They are named Gean Geanie & Prince Haru & they have slotted into the family extremely well.

The loose of my little baby boy Sosuke happened just a few weeks ago & it hits me terribly hard. Even as I write this I am already blubbering. My little boy had been a little off sorts for a month, he had gotten a little lame in his older age, he was always a Bun that was old before his time. The vets assured me it was a touch of arthritis & he had some medicine that would ease his pain. However, one day I got home to find him lying down in an odd position, I picked him up & placed him on the floor, he hopped off to the corner of the room. I stayed by his side all night, fully knowing what was happening & wanting him to be as comfortable as possible. At 6am, I was still lying next to him dosing in & out of sleep, he squeaked to wake me up, I held him in my arms & half an hour later he passed.


It was one of the worst days I have ever had to deal with; luckily my Dad came down straight away & spent most of the day with me & helped me take care of all the nasty bits. Bae, who was at Reading Festival at the time, was equally as upset as I was & couldn’t bear to be away & came back that night cutting his weekend short. It was a horrible time for us both, but especially for my little girl Grignote, her coping has been odd, she has turned into a little nightmare in her way of dealing with her lose & her loneliness.


Sosuke was the loveliest little bun I could have ever asked for. A rescue bunny that I am so happy I helped & shared a life with. I fittingly scattered his ashes in the River Severn & attached a lock to the bridge with his name on it. He won’t be forgotten.

In January my best friend Babette took part in Veganuary for me. She loved it. Her blog is here if you would like to take a look, even though she has not taken the step towards Veganism, she now has swapped cows milk for dairy alternatives (I try & push Koko in her face whenever I can!) & she is much more keen for Veggie & Vegan options. Plus whenever I visit her in the Big City she loves to show me her new Vegan finds. One of which was Yorica in London, which is now one of my favorite places ever! A great place for Free From (Gluten-Free as well as Vegan) Desserts & yumminess!


I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Barcelona this year, it was an amazing holiday. It’s a beautiful city with so much to do & see. I enjoyed so many Vegan cafes & restaurants, using Happy Cow to find local yummy Vegan places in different locations is amazing, I would highly recommend Cat Bar, for good wines & Burgers on an evening! A Vegan can dine happy in Barcelona.

I was also trusted to be bridemaid at my Best Friends Wedding. Alib, who I met on my first week of University 9 years ago, one of my best friends married Jeri, because of him she is also one of my Best Friends. It was a manic & magical day & I was so happy to play such a wonderful part of it.


I also attended Greenman Festival in Wales. A great festival that normally had a good range of Vegan stalls. This year was different, good different! There were so many Vegan food stalls & Vegan options. I had never seen anything like it. Two of my favourite stalls were there Dosa Deli & Happy Maki. If you ever get chance to try these. DO IT! They are amazing. I can’t wait for London VegFest next month to eat all this yumminess again!

A few days ago I also visited the very Historical Bratislava. A wonderful little city. I went with my parents, so I knew eating would be slightly trickier. However I found a few Vegan options in cafes we visited. As well as a Hipster Ice Cream Parlor called Koun, that did Sorbets as well as Vegan Ice Creams, 100% amazing!


There are a lot of Vegan places to eat in Bratislava & I would have liked to have tried more. I found a little stall called Vegan Kiosk, which sold amazing Vegan Burgers & Hotdogs, so good I had two, like a greedy piggy!

My Dad also noticed a place called Re:Fresh with a huge sign outside say -Vegetarians-Vegans-Meat-. Somehow I missed it, but he didn’t & not only did we all managed to eat wonderful food there, but we all agreed it was our favourite place of the trip.

Finally I am very happy with my Vegan life, the change I made 2 years ago was the best change I have ever made. I could never go back & I only think that this lifestyle will continue forward for me. Making more right & ethical choices, making sure I am a happy little bean along the way. I would like to thank everyone that takes the time to read my blog. I now get over 500 views a month & this makes me smile. I would also like to say a massive thank you to all the brands that have supported me this past year, sending me goodies to try, review & blog about. It has helped me expand my taste buds, trying things I may have not tried. As well as a massive thank you to The Vegan Society that are also sending me goodies to review & blog. I always appreciate these things.

I hope my brief summary of the last year has been worthwhile. Please keep showing me your love & asking me questions, I am always more than happy to help with any Gluten-Free & Vegan questions. Or if you are a struggling vegetarian, someone that wants to give up dairy or try meat-free Monday or Veganuary. I am always on hand to try & give advice or a helping hand.

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