Proper Nutty Peanut Butter Review

November 2014 I took my parents to Birmingham NEC Winter Good Food Show. It was the first time we’d ever been. Now I’d highly recommend going, there are quite a few Vegan finds. I discovered a few new food loves while I was there. One of which was Proper Nutty Peanut Butter.

The following Good Food Shows came & I would always look out for this store, stock up on their PB to last me  for 6 months. This year I attended the Summer Good Food Show. I made my way over to the stand & a shock to me (even though this happens quite a lot at these kind of shows) Kathryn (the lady half behind Proper Nutty) recognised me. Why? Because I rave about this yummy peanut goodness on social media. To say thank you she gave me two pots for free. However whenever I get something free I always try & payback with words & more ranting & raving on social media. So here goes…

The origins of Proper Nutty is quite sweet; Stuart & Kathryn Franklin moved to New Zealand in 2005  & developed a taste for peanut butter. They began using peanut butter, not just spread on toast for breakfast, but in other meals and recipes. They have a list of Peanut Buttery Recipes on their website. However something that I love & other people think I’m crazy Peanut Butter Mash (Sweet Potato or White), substitute butter for PB. Oh my gosh it’s yummy!… Anyway… When Stuart & Kathryn moved back to Yorkshire they really missed the artisan peanut butter they grew to love in New Zealand so they made their own!

We slowly roast our peanuts in small batches and then carefully grind them until they naturally attain our unique Proper Nutty smunchy texture.  Nothing artificial goes into our peanut butter.

On to the Peanut Buttery yummy good stuff! Proper Nutty have two variants.

Our “Nowt but Nuts” is 100% peanuts and our “Slightly Salted” only contains 0.5% natural sea salt, that’s it!


I love the Nowt but Nuts, it’s super tasty, clean tasting, but still sticky & nutty just like peanut butter should be. However I am a massive fan of the Slightly Salted version, with such a small amount of salt added it’s unbelievable how much the taste differs. So this is the one I’ll be chatting about…


Slightly Salted… Firstly the texture is amazing, when you open the jar there is a layer of Peanut Oil, so you know this is the good stuff. This is how Peanut Butter is supposed to look when you open it. Just give it a stir! It’s certainly not a smooth Peanut Butter (because people that prefer smooth are weird!) However it’s not massively crunchy, it’s somewhere in between. I like this because you still get the great crunchiness that we all know & love in Peanut Butter, but with smaller amounts of crunch you get a little bit more smooth which gives this PB the lush & creamy mouth feel. It truly is great!


“Yorkshire born & bred peanut butter wi’ nowt teken out, and loads of care put in – oh aye!”

The taste is equally as amazing as the texture. It doesn’t taste fake or cheap like wanna be American brands do. It tastes like peanuts. Like how peanut butter is supposed to taste! That is probably because it is 99.5% Peanuts, the small 0.5% is Sea Salt (if you want 100% nuts go for Nowt but Nuts).

I am truly in love with this nutty yumminess. It’s versatile & not only goes great with Porridge & Toast. It works on Sarnies, yes I love a Tomato & Peanut Butter Sandwich, no I’m not crazy & yes it is amazing! It works wonders in Mash instead of Butter. I have used it to make Peanut Satay Sauce. I have used it in Peanut Butter Cookies. Honestly the list is endless for with gorgeous product!


Don’t worry if you are not an annual attendee to the Birmingham Good Food Show. Proper Nutty can be purchased in Local Farm Stores & Independent Stores. Also if you are a Morrisons shopper, there are 51 stores you can pick up a jar from or you can simply order from their online store. I highly recommend this Peanut Butter & I am truthful (as always) when I say this is my favourite brand of PB!



I was kindly given Proper Nutty Peanut Butter. I only write about companies & products I like & all the opinions are my own.


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