Sleepy Love Review

I love bedtime teas. It’s a routine that I hope I never break, long day at work, go to the gym, home, cook dinner, clean up, go out for a pokewalk, then it’s 9.30pm. I sit on the sofa, turn on the TV. Choose between Gilmore Girls, as I’m only on series 2 episode 20, out of 6 series or the terrifying but addictive Stranger Things (a little insight into my life for you), with a cup of bedtime tea & maybe even a biscuit. I normally treat myself to a Red Bush or Chai Tea. Both of course are caffeine free. However there is now a new kid in town, contending for my bedtime liquid love, Sleepy Love Mango Tea, a wonderful blend of natural ingredients.


Sleepy Love drink all organic sleep tea with Bach flowers, is an unsweetened recipe of ingredients (Bach Flower/mango/ginger) 85% of all nutrients remain in the bag, SleepyLove lets you ingest the full Bach flower effect.

Sleepy Love was provided to me by the wonderful people at The Vegan Society. The pack contains 4 sachets making either 4 strong teas or 8 weaker ones. I tried it several different ways, the traditional way, which is extremely easy to make. Mix together one sachet with 180ml of water. Considering this is made from all natural ingredients, it is extremely sweet & not too fruity. The herby blend really compliments the fruity mango. It’s smooth, thick; the same kind of consistency as Hot Chocolate. I didn’t know what to expect to be honest & truth be told I really liked it & I certainly did sleep peacefully that night.

I also tried having half a sachet with the recommend 180ml hot water, I certainly prefer a full sachet, it seemed a little watery otherwise, however I like strong tastes, this would suit someone with a more sensitive palate.

Finally, I mixed it up a little. I mixed it with hot milk. I warmed 180ml Koko Dairy Free Milk Original, then mixed it with Sleepy Love. It tasted really creamy & I really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend trying it with your favourite Milk Alternative, Koko Dairy Free complimented the suitable taste of fruitiness & the creamy feel certainly made me feel ready for bed.

This product is available in Holland & Barrett. Priced at £7.99, I would certainly buy it again, even though it won’t be replacing any of my other tea collection, I think it is a great addition to my bedtime tea selection. Like I always say, when you’re Vegan & you’re trying a new Vegan product, it’s not always about knocking out the competition. For me, personally it’s about having more yummy Vegan choices & I am very happy to have Sleepy Love as part.


I was sent Sleepy Love by The Vegan Society on behalf of Sleepy Love. I only write about companies & products I like & all the opinions are my own.

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  1. I spotted this in Holland and Barrett the other week and then had a look at the price and decided against it due to that reason. Though I did wonder whether the consistency was as it looked on the box – so this review is super helpful, thanks! I may give it a try when I see it next on offer.


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