Moo Free Choccy Drops

Quite some time ago, earlier this year I wrote a blog for Moo Free Chocolate, I expressed my love for their wonderful range of chocolates, their cute characters & the yumminess in every bite. Now the Moo Free Team plus Hammy of course are back, with something rather new & exciting. Like I have said before, unless you’re one of those Vegans that live under a rock you’ll know about Moo Free Chocolate. They’re pretty big on the scene. They have a great range of bars, in single & sharing sizes. As well as great seasonal goodies, they have Christmas selection packs & yummy Easter Eggs (my little boy Sosuke helped them advertise their yumminess on their facebook page, it’s enough to make a Mummy proud!)


Moo Free is a world leading manufacturer of dairy free, gluten free, organic and vegan chocolates that actually taste like milk chocolate*. To achieve this we replace cows milk with rice milk to create a delicious, milk chocolate taste that doesn’t require a single cow.

Finally, because we care about you and the environment all of our dairy free chocolates are made using organic and ethically sourced ingredients wrapped up in fun, environmentally friendly packaging.

An overall great company… But ‘enough of this filler’ I hear you cry!… ‘What is this new exciting product! Tell us more!’ Well their is more, the good stuff. Drum roll please!… Moo Free ChoccyDrops!… I mean I know the title of my blog kind of gives it away a little, but OH MY FUDGE HOW EXCITING IS THIS! I had no idea these little treats were on their way to me. I came home from a very long few days of Bridesmaid duties to a wonderful little package. Opened it up & I jumper for joy. I couldn’t wait so I dived straight in!… So I did!


This perfect sized 25g pack is Vegan & Gluten Free (the same as all their products). The serving suggestions says this is enough for 2 servings, which may be true for little ones, but for big little ones like me this is less true! I had the whole pack! The packaging as always is adorable, with little Hammy on the front showing off her new creation! The chocolate is made from rice, which makes it super sweet, very similar to the ‘normal’ dairy milk chocolates.


These little drops are called drops for a reason. They are not flat & round like Cadburys Dairy Milk Buttons, they are cute little drops. To be honest as always, at first I was a little, ‘hmmm not too sure about this, I want them round & flat’. Nonetheless I know admit my mistake, because of their ‘drop’ like shape they are thicker, so you can give them more of a bite. This to me made them feel even more chocolatey.


Plus this shape also meant they smashed the ‘melt in the mouth’ test I like to judge by. They didn’t go all thin & break up, instead it melted, keeping it’s thick blob like shape until it was all gone.

The packaging also states these are perfect for baking too. They will be on sale in Waitrose from August 29th this year & when I get my hands on them I will make sure to give that a try. Currently I am unaware of the price, however Moo Free are always very reasonable. These are another great product & I can’t wait to have another wonderful Vegan option!

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