Plamil Egg Free Mayo Green Chilli Review

A few months ago I was sent the full range of Plamil Egg Free Mayonasies. The following month I tried & tested each product (Plamil Foods Egg Free Mayonnaise), I loved all of them. I thought their range was amazing & couldn’t possible get any better… Then they released a new Mayo: Green Chilli. You can imagine my excitement!


As I said in my last blog. I love Plamil one because it is a Vegan company. Everything they produce is Vegan, all their products have a high quality as standard. Plus they are super tasty!

We are more than a ‘brand’, as we actually make products in our own factory, giving us control over every aspect of production resulting in tasty food for all, supplying consumers, retailers, wholesalers and food catering / manufacturing facilities worldwide.

We think our customers should be able to enjoy food, knowing that every care is taken whilst in production, but also have complete assurance about both the purity of ingredients that goes in to making a product, as well as assurance that no other ingredient is present as well.

Their new Egg Free Mayo Green Chilli is no exception to the Plamil rules, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, great quality & delicious! I love their first Egg Free Mayo Chilli, I didn’t think it was overly spicy, just the right kick that matched the creamy mayo perfectly. This one has slightly more than just a kick of chilli, so if you’re not a fan of spice it may not be for you. Me on the other hand, loved it, I love spice. It has a great amount of chilli taste, fresh tasting & not artificial or burny flavour, which some Chilli flavoured sauces can have. Instead the warm kick, fresh taste goes nicely with the smooth mayo taste.

This one may be my new favourite (with their Lemongrass Mayo of course).

I have tried a fair few Vegan Mayonnaises & Plamil still remains my favourite by far. It has a great range of flavours, the creaminess, texture & tastes are the best.


I was sent these lovely goodies from the great guys at Plamil, I only write about companies & products I like & all the opinions are my own.

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