Just V & Allergy Free From Show Write Up!

This weekend I visited the Just V Show, The Just V Show is now also associated with The Allergy Free From Show & Love Natural Show. In my opinion it’s a pretty big show & I’ve been looking forward to it for the last few weeks.

Friday I worked at the Show on the Koko Dairy Free stand, so I’ll sum this experience up quite quickly. The show was 10 – 5, quieter than the Saturday, which is understandable. From a professional point of the view, the show was well run & organised. The visitors I spoke to were all pleasant & open minded. I also got to meet a few bloggers. Mica, Laura & Serena. All three are lovely girls & we’re happy to have them spreading the Koko Dairy Free word!



Saturday was my day at the show to shop & explore. My favourite day of course! I had my friend Babs with me to film my adventures throughout the day. We left from Dalston Kingsland at 9am, picking up a Coconut Latte on route & heading for Kensington. We got to the show just after 10am, the queue was still deep, however it didn’t take us long to hand over our tickets, collect a goodie bag & be where the action was. The show had a great ambience, it was full of wonderful, friendly people wanting to try goodies. You could tell there was a variety of people in attendance, from vegans, to people with Allergies, to people that were just interested in a healthier lifestyle. There were some great new products to find as well as some old favourites. For me I really enjoyed the wide range of Gluten Free products. Often at Vegan shows there are not many Gluten Free options (other than raw products). Don’t get me wrong, I love raw food, but sometimes I just want something different. So I really enjoyed seeing a few different things at this show, I just had to avoid the meat, which to be honest there wasn’t much of.


First stop was Breakfast. I decided to treat myself to a cake, as that’s allowed on weekends. I had a Cookie Dough Brownie, from Ms Cupcake. The Brownie was amazingly moist & the Cookie Dough topping was insanely good, normally Ms Cupcakes only has one or two Gluten-Free options at shows, so it was amazing to see all of her Cupcakes & Brownies available to those who can’t consume gluten.


After I was full of yummy treats it was time to do some shopping. I won’t go through everything I purchased, however I would love to highlight a few people.

I found Pudology & tried their range of delicious puddings. Personally I thought the Banoffe Pie was insanely good & I purchased a few of their goodies including their cute little chiller bag! I would highly recommend these desserts.

I came across my favourite Sausages, by Secret Sausages, Veg in Disguise & had a chat with the lovely Rachel. I bought a few of their goodies, including my favourite, Chilli Dogs! If you haven’t tried these sausgaes yet, you honestly need to, for a deeper review check out my blog from a couple of months ago (http://wp.me/p4ZzFV-vk). Not only are all her products delicious but they are a great company & a wonderful team. I always look forward to catching up with her!

I was also recommend to try out some beetroot snacks, from a little boy who obviously new what he was talking about. I found Nothing But. First impressions: they were the loveliest, most energetic people I had met! They were passionate about their product, super friendly & really eager to talk to everyone about their snacks. Their snacks by the way were amazing. They have 3 different ranges of freeze dried Vegetable Crisps, all are really tasty, when they dry them they don’t lose any flavour, so they taste like they have just been picked! It’s hard to describe how good they are, so I strongly suggest you just try them!

I saw the wonderfully Perk!er team too! They had just released a new bar that weekend – Coconut & Chia & everyone knows how much I love Coconut, so I knew I had to get some of these. When I found the stand they were very busy, so I didn’t want to take up too much of their time. However they are always lovely & I got to try their new Coconut & Chia bar, which is insanely good! I’ll be adding review this bar & adding it to my current review (http://wp.me/p4ZzFV-pc) as it’s too good not to share!

I was lucky enough to try Nutri-Brex, this new thing that I had seen all over Social Media the last month, but I hadn’t got round to trying. Not only do they have an original flavour but they also have a Coconut one. Literally people put Coconut in products & I’m already a fan before trying it! The stand was very busy & I was lucky enough to try one of the Coconut Nutri-Brex. It’s like a nicer version of Weetabix (from what I can remember), the coconut makes it super yummy & I had it with Alpro Yogurt (Even though I can’t stand Alpro Soya!) & it was amazing. I bought both products & I can’t wait to try it with either Koko Dairy Free or CoYo! Yum!


I also met someone who I have been dying to meet for ages… Bob from Red Mill, joking, even though I did meet him & he looks just like his picture & was a lovely man. In fact it was Charlotte from Good Carma, she is such a wonderful, lovely lady. It’s great to see someone so passionate about their products. It’s an amazing range of Dairy Alternative Cheeses that are very similar to Parmesan (http://wp.me/p4ZzFV-zK). Charlotte has a great company & an equally great product, if you are looking for good quality vegan cheese this is the way to go. Plus I am so happy to have finally meet this lovely lady!


Candy Kittens, I’ll keep this one brief, as I didn’t really get chance to talk to anyone on the stand as they were quite busy & I don’t really like sweets, hence why I have never reviewed any! However these were recommend to me by a friend, so I thought I should give them ago. They are really good! They only have one Vegan product, Sweet Pineapple, but it’s great! Good texture, really sweet & doesn’t taste artificial, it tastes kind of fresh! If you are a sweet fan, you will love these!


Finally BFree. BFree is my life. Being Gluten-Free & Vegan can be tough, especially when it comes to Bread. Most Gluten-Free Bread contains eggs and/or milk. So annoying! BFrees range is 100% Vegan. Plus it doesn’t taste like dust, nor does it crumble apart after the first bite. They have a new range of goodies that I can’t get anywhere near me. So I made the most of it & purchased their Seeded Bagels, Pitta Bread & Sweet Potato Wraps. All of which are amazing & I am so happy they are about as otherwise bread for me would be a bit pants!

The overall show was amazing, well organised, filled with likeminded wonderful people all there for one thing: To find food they could eat that tasted great. I certainly found what I was looking for. I was also there with my Bestie, Babs, & together we tried everything we could & had a laugh with some great people!


We also attended the Bloggers Meet, firstly it was nice to sit down. We got to hear about the show, why it was put on, who for & reasons behind it. It was great to hear this kind of information. The team behind the event are only small, so it’s impressive to see how well everything turned out. They deserve a drink & a pat on the back!


Plus I got an amazing haul of goodies! The day couldn’t have been any better!


You’ll also be happy to hear Babs filmed me walking around the show, chatting & eating away. My first ever Vlog will be online in the next week. So please find me on YouTube (GFV Food Pervert) so you don’t miss a thing!

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