Booja Booja Review


People often think that being Vegan means giving up the sweet stuff, last month I spent the weekend visiting my friends in London, on my train from Worcester to the Capital I got chatting to a woman. She was around the same age as me, university degreed once Hindu, but had left that religion behind. It was a nice way to pass the two hour journey – talking to someone & hearing all about their life to know that I will never speak to them again. I always find train journeys romantic & mysterious as it is. After general chatting she asked me why I was Vegan, as well as many other questions.

‘Do you miss chocolate?’

‘Chocolate bean is actually Vegan, manufactures add milk to it to make it more ‘palatable’, sweeter’

‘Okay, but you just have dark chocolate then, I hate dark chocolate, I could never be Vegan’

‘Dark chocolate is the most accessible chocolate for Vegans to get, as you can get it in supermarkets, but there is a wide range of chocolates that don’t contain milk. Rice chocolate, Coconut Chocolate, Raw Chocolate, the list honestly goes on’

I really enjoy explaining Veganism to people & I know that I didn’t leave that girl thinking ‘that’s amazing! I’m going to turn Vegan!’ but with all the questions she asked she certainly is now more aware & educated. She certainly now knows that Vegans don’t cut out the sweet stuff.

I love the sweet stuff, I have a few favourite chocolates. However the first Vegan chocolate I tried before I was Vegan was Booja Booja.

We are also passionate about how we go about things. How we function as a company. Respect and kindness are close to our hearts and guide our relationships inside and outside of the company. And we do our best to be open and honest and do what we say we will do, because we like trust and cooperation.

We also love playful tickles of joy along the way…. just because life is more fun like that. And this gentle playfulness inevitably bubbles its way into our products.

Whilst utopia may be as ephemeral as a fleeting kiss, what brings more aliveness than its pursuit?

Or, in the words of Mister Booja-Booja himself: Everyone needs a little Booja-Booja now and then…

 These used to be a special occasion treat for me, I would often ask for them for my Birthday. This is certainly still the case, however they now also come in a two truffle pack, perfect for any time. Booja Booja were kind enough to send me their selection of their new packs; Almond Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffle, Hazelnut Chocolate  Truffle, Fine De Champagne Chocolate Truffle.

In my opinion these chocolates are best shared (even though they are far too good to share). I split the Chocolates with my Boyfriend one movie night, so you get two opinions.


Almond Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffle

Salted Caramel was huge a couple of years ago & people still love it. The salted caramel in this truffle almost gives the truffle a runny toffee taste, which is delicious. The almond taste is subtle, & doesn’t overpower the smooth caramel taste instead complimenting the slight saltiness. Certainly a gorgeous tasting truffle.

Ingredients: Chocolate (Cocoa Solids 55%, Cane Sugar, Vanilla), Almond Paste 27%, Coconut Oil, Salted Caramel (Cane sugar, Water, Sea Salt) 6%, Cocoa Powder

Fine De Champagne Chocolate Truffle

This one screams luxury tasting chocolate, from the name, to the smell, to the tasty! I love a glass of Champagne, it is also the only alcoholic chocolate I like. This has to be the best Champagne chocolate truffle I have ever tasted. The Champagne is strong & matches the chocolate deliciously. However if like my boyfriend, you don’t like Champagne it may be worth trying one of the others. For me, I love it!

Ingredients: Chocolate (cocoa solids 55%, cane sugar, vanilla), Coconut Oil, Fine de Champagne (7%), Agave Syrup, Cocoa Powder

Hazelnut Chocolate  Truffle

This one is my favourite. Of course they are all gorgeous, however this one reminded me of my youth & eating Nutella. However even though the Nutella taste is there Booja Booja makes Nutella taste like Pound Land Chocolate, this is the crème de la crème of a Nutella lovers dream. The chocolate is rich & smooth & the hazelnut flavour is strong as well as a great crunchy texture.

Ingredients: Chocolate (cocoa solids 55%, cane sugar, vanilla), Coconut Oil, Hazelnuts (18%), Cocoa Powder


These two packs of truffles are £1.19, which may seem a little steep. However I hand on my heart know these are worth it. I’d happily have two luxury truffles over a rubbish bar of dark chocolate any day.


Booja Booja are also raising money for leading breast cancer charity Walk the Walk by producing limited edition boxes of Raspberry Chocolate Truffles.

Walk the Walk organises power walking events in the UK and beyond, giving people the chance to improve their fitness while having fun and raising vital funds for breast cancer research, prevention and care.

It is great to see Booja Booja supporting such a great charity. The box design is awesome, it wears a bra, it’s bright pick, & very eye catching. When you open the box there is also a heart warming message in gold print. It’s a wonderfully designed box. You can tell a lot of effort went into the design of this box & it looks amazing. It makes the beginning of this luxury chocolate journey very special.


As always I’ll be very honest with you. I am not a huge fan of fruity flavoured chocolate. So in the back of my mind I thought there was a chance I may not like these. Boy was I wrong! They have such a wonderful taste, they are not artificial, which I find a lot of fruity chocolate is. It almost tastes like really luxurious Raspberry Ice Cream. This is the only way I can describe it. This one turned out to be my boyfriends favourite & between us we finished off the box. The flavour was rich but not overpowdering & the crispness of the Raspberry truffle was incredible. A perfect match!

Ingredients: Agave Syrup, Chocolate (cocoa solids 100%), Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Freeze Dried Raspberry (3%), Cocoa Powder


The price for this fabulous box is £3.99, I personally think this is a great price, with that you get 6 amazing Chocolate Truffles. It’s great as a treat for yourself on a night in, or a gift for a friend, family or loved one (hint hint Matty if you’re reading this!)

I haven’t tried a Booja Booja product I don’t like. I have tried most of their Truffles & they are all delicious. I have even been lucky enough to try some of their fabulous ice creams, these are equally as amazing! All their products have a high quality from the product itself to the packaging. It’s great to see such a passionate brand. I’ll continue buying these & I highly recommend them.


I was sent these lovely goodies from Mister Booja Booja & his wonderful Chocolate Team. I only write about companies & products I like & all the opinions are my own.

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