Lucy Rocks

lucyThe lovely people at Alara have a range of brand new Breakfast Products called Lucy Rocks Paleo. I was lucky enough to try two of these tasty morning bowl fillers; Glowing Granola & Blush Crunch.

Lucy specializes in organic Paleo products that are Vegan, grain, gluten and refined sugar free. She sources her premium ingredients from farming communities around the world that work with indigenous people in developing countries to secure a sustainable future for our society and the planet by actively supporting local charities to create opportunities to expand the development of good organic farming practices globally.

Lets start off with explaining Paleo, as I never really followed this new trend. The full name for this lifestyle is The Palaeolithic Diet. Also know as the Cave Man (or Cave Girl!) Diet. The food consumed is presumed to be the only available food for Palaeolithic humans. Such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots, meat, and organ meats. Which means dairy grains, sugar, legumes, processed oils, salt, alcohol & caffeine is all a no no!

From what I have read, it is a diet that cuts out modern processed foods. Which of course is great, a part from the gross meat bit. However there is such thing as a Pegan, the Vegan Paleo diet. Which I’m all for.

The Paleo diet has really kicked off, especially in the last year, in all honesty I can see why. I very very rarely have processed foods, they are a terrible thing. However I’m only human & sometimes I just can’t resist a Pizza, Gluten Free of course, covered in lovely processed Vegan Cheese. Nonetheless as all diets go, you have to pick one that works for you, as well as treats & plenty of exercise. A good mix keeps us sane in my opinion. I personally think the Paleo diet is one of the good diets.

Let’s get down to the good stuff. The foody stuff! Lucy has 4 different types of Breakfast Products; Golden Granola, Glowing Granola, Blush Crunch & Lush Crunch. All are beautifully packaged in vibrant colours with Cavegirl Lucy prancing on the front.

Lucy Rocks Blush Crunch


Blush Crunch is made from raw activated buckwheat and coated in a delicious selection of anti inflammatory beetroot powder and lucuma to make is lusciously creamy. Naturally gluten free buckwheat is a rich source of protein, rutin and manganese. Ideal for breakfast, sprinkled over smoothies or used to elevate your dessert.

Blush Crunch is crunchy! So it’s certainty lives up to it’s name & for a coconut lover like me it really hits the spot as it has a great amount of Coconut in it! This one is certainly very fruity, which is great as I love fruity sweet (but not fake sweet) for Breakfast, as it tastes super healthy while still being filling & nutritious.

I have had this Crunch with Koko Dairy Free Milk or Yogurt, mixed with Aduna Super Leaf Powder & Fresh Fruit, because you can never have a Breakfast that is too fruity!

I also made something quite amazing, I love Crumble for desserts, I made mini Crumbles this weekend. Lovely stewed Apples & Fresh Strawberries sweetened with Coconut Merchant Coconut Syrup, then topped with a Crumble made from Oats, Koko Dairy Free Butter & Blush Crunch. The Blush Crunch makes this dessert something quite amazing, I would highly recommend trying this.


Ingredients: Raw sprouted buckwheat [42%], Toasted coconut chips, Dates chopped, Raw sunflower seeds, Raw coconut oil, Raw white mulberries, Cashew nuts, Goji berries [3.5], Banana powder, Raw lucuma, Beetroot [2%], Blueberries freeze dried [1.2%], Raw baobab [0.6%]

Lucy Rocks Glowing Granola


Our nutrient dense Glowing Granola is bursting with flavor and an irresistible crunch you won’t be able to resist. Combined with anti inflammatory beetroot powder and crispy toasted coconut pieces it makes the ideal breakfast or snack without having to forage the woods.

I’ve been having this little treat most mornings for the last few weeks & I’m hooked. I’m all about crunchy textured food, and this one has it all, crunchy seeds, coconut chips, nuts with chewy dates, mulberries & apple chunks. Again whenever I have had this for Breakfast I have felt full with this nutritious treat!

I have it with Koko Dairy Free Plain Yogurt, Aduna Super Lead Powder & Fresh Fruit. When the Granola & Yoghurt is mixed together it turns a fantastic pinky colour. Which makes it fun to eat… Kind of like Coco Pops… Anyway… It also goes really well with straight up Milk, I had mine with Koko Dairy Free, which went really well with the Coconut Chips making it feel a little tropical.

I’ve also even treated myself to The Coconut Collaborative Mango Snowconut, Chopped Banana, topped with Glowing Granola & Coconut Merchant Coconut Syrup. This is so easy to make if you just want to whip up a quick dessert, perfect to make anyone feel tropical on a British Summer evening.


Ingredients: Seeds[23%](pumpkin, sunflower, buckwheat, chia seeds [2.5%], linseeds), Toasted coconut chips, Nuts [11%](cashew, brazil nuts, almonds), Dates, Banana powder, Coconut blossom nectar [5%], Mulberries, Apple pieces [3%], Beetroot [3%], Baobab [0.5%]

These are great products, I think my favourite is the Glowing Granola, because I’m a sucker for the big crunchy bits. However I love the Blush Crunch too, the coconut taste is great. I can’t wait to try Golden Granola & Lush Crunch too, as I have a feeling they are going to be just as amazing!


I was sent these lovely goodies from the wonderful people that make Lucy Rocks Paleo Granola. I only write about companies & products I like & all the opinions are my own.

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