Plamil Foods Egg Free Mayonnaise

Plamil Foods make loads of tasty wonderful foods. From Chocolate, to Spreads, Mayonnaise to Milk Alternatives. They have your Vegan cupboards must haves. I haven’t tried all of their products yet – but what I have tried I love!


What I love about Plamil is that it is a Vegan company. Everything they produce is Vegan, as well as being super yummy!

We are more than a ‘brand’, as we actually make products in our own factory, giving us control over every aspect of production resulting in tasty food for all, supplying consumers, retailers, wholesalers and food catering / manufacturing facilities worldwide.

We think our customers should be able to enjoy food, knowing that every care is taken whilst in production, but also have complete assurance about both the purity of ingredients that goes in to making a product, as well as assurance that no other ingredient is present as well.

I was lucky enough to receive their full range of Egg Free Mayonnaise from the wonderful people that work at Plamil.

Firstly, I have never been a massive fan of Mayonnaise before I was Vegan, in my opinion it was far to fatty & the thought of eggs always used to be a bit off putting for me. However if it was on a Veggie Burger, or was in Slaw or Potato Salad I would always eat it.

When I turned Vegan, I saw a few different Vegan Mayonnaises (Vegannaise, Wot no Dairy & Really) & honest as I always am, the taste was often completely fine. It was the texture of shiny Jelly I was never a fan of. I ended up switching to Tescos Own Free From Salad Cream, which is great, really tasty, matches regular salad cream like for like. However it wasn’t as thick & indulgent as Mayonnaise.

That’s when Plamil came into my life. When the box of goodies landed on my doorstep I was chuffed. Not only do they have a Normal Mayonnaise, the have an Organic, Garlic, Chilli, Tarragon & Lemongrass (They also have a brand new Organic Green Chilli flavour which I haven’t tried)

As all good food tasters do, I tried the Plain & the Organic Plain first. When I opened it, it didn’t have that odd watery jelly coating on top like others I’ve tried. It didn’t look all weird when the knife slid through it. It looked like ‘normal’ Mayonnaise. So far so good. The taste, which of course is the most important bit, was great.

Our egg free mayonnaise range leads the market in all respects. However you like to use mayonnaise, our egg free mayo is just what your looking for, surpassing all others in fabulous taste and superior quality…

  • Dairy free
  • Cholesterol free
  • Gluten free
  • High in essential polyunsaturates
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Enjoyed by the whole family with its light creamy, smooth texture, this range will add piquancy to your salads, compliment potatoes (and chips!), can be used as an ideal sandwich filler or maybe just put out for use as a dip.

Plain Egg Free Mayonnaise

Thick, creamy, just like the ‘normal’ stuff. This has the tiniest hint of vinegar, but it’s hardly noticeable, it’s not sweet like American brands. It’s perfect. This one tastes great on burgers & as a dip if you don’t want to over complicate the taste.

Organic Plain Egg Free Mayonnaise

I often find that Organic versions of products can taste different, this one I blind taste tested against the above & I couldn’t tell the difference.


Garlic Egg Free Mayonnaise

This one is great. It’s really Garlicky, not overpowering of course, the Mayonnaise is still there, all thick & creamy, but when it comes to Garlic Mayonnaise you want to taste that Garlic. You really  can, this one goes great with Burgers & Chips.

Chilli Egg Free Mayonnaise

I think this one is my second favourite. I really like it. It’s not overpoweringly spicy, but it has a nice kick, which compliments the creamy Mayonnaise. I used this in a Mexican Spicy Potato Salad & a Baked Corn on the Cob. This Mayonnaise goes great with Mexican Dishes.


Tarragon Egg Free Mayonnaise

This Mayonnaise has a lovely fresh taste. It went really well with Salads as it seemed to have a creamy taste than the others. I used it in Mash Potato instead of Butter & it made the Mash some else. Super tasty!


Organic Lemongrass Egg Free Mayonnaise

This one is my favourite. So tasty! I love Lemongrass & I love all Thai Food. It’s really light, the Lemongrass is so refreshing & is a prefect match for this Mayonnaise. Whenever I make any Thai Food I now always have a side dish of Thai Slaw using this Mayonnaise, it’s perfect.

Organic Green Chilli Egg Free Mayonnaise

I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’m sure I’m going to love it. I’ll let you know as soon as I have.



I was sent these lovely goodies from the great guys at Plamil, I only write about companies & products I like & all the opinions are my own.

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