Good Carma Review

Today is National Cheese Day, so I thought the best way to celebrate this is with a cheesy meal & a write up on one of my favourite Vegan Cheese. In fact it’s the best Vegan parmesan style cheese I have ever tried…


Good Carma produce a product range called Flavour Fusion, a vegan parmesan which come in shakers. Good Carma Foods specialises in a range of alternative natural, dairy free products, based in Carmarthenshire, West Wales. Our aim is to help people with special dietary requirements or those who want to live a healthy whole food lifestyle.

Good Carma was established by Charlotte Bates, a vegan since 2010 and was vegetarian for 10 years before that. Passionate about food, Charlotte has a strong understanding and interest in health and nutrition.

Charlotte sent me her range of cheeses to try. Even though I have yet to meet her in person, I know I will soon, as for many Vegans, paths often cross. She is truly lovely, as a blogger I often deal with many cooperate companies, little companies that are trying to be corporate, but it is really nice to work with someone that is just nice! A normal person. (Not all the companies I have worked with are this way, Secret Sausages, Chaaboo, Coconut Merchants, just to name a few a wonderful normal people too. Even the corporate companies can be nice, just a little sterile).

Charlotte started Good Carma in the summer of 2013 in honour of her mother Lynne who died from bowel cancer earlier that year.

“I wanted to help my mother by offering an alternative to dairy cheese without sacrificing flavour but using healthy and nutritious ingredients. Good Carma’s cheese style products are now enjoyed by both vegans and non-vegans alike”

It’s truly a lovely story, a great business & of course a great product… So let’s talk about that product! They are taste amazing. On opening the products the smell that enters my nose makes my tummy rumble. I use one at least once a week. They are great to stir into a sauce or a meal, or to sprinkle on top, they are so delicious!

Each one is non GM soya, she use Himalayan Pink Salt, which is filled with minerals that are packed full of benefits such as electrolytes, increases hydration, helps to reduce acid reflux, prevents muscle cramping (which I get a lot!), strengthens bones & lowers blood pressure… Just to name a few!  The nutritional yeast flakes contain B12, which of course we all need, but Vegans especially as most people normally get this from red meat. Plus this cheesy treat is mainly made from Almonds (warning to anyone that has a nut allergy, probably stay away from this nutty beaut!). We all know that nuts are the good fats, associated with reduced risk of heart disease.

Flavour Fusion Original


I thought I would start off trying the Original first, it has a lovely smell when I opened it & at no point did I think ‘ew artificial!’. Taste, smell, texture, everything about it was wonderful.

A versatile dairy free cheese alternative to Parmesan: enrich Italian dishes; sprinkle on pasta; bake as a topping, and infuse the flavour of salad. Even perfect in dips, the creation can be yours… enjoy!

After using this a few times I have discovered that this goes really well with foody meals when you just want to add a little cheesiness to them. I used it in mash potato, in cheese sauces for pasta & lasagne. My favourite meal I made was Cheese Pasta, I roasted a Butter Nut Squash them blended it & stirred in 3 tablespoons of Flavour Fusion Original & the sauce was thick, creamy & cheesy when I  mixed it in with my Pasta & Mushrooms.

Ingredients: Ground Almonds (Nuts), Yeast Flakes with added B12, Himalayan Pink Salt, Basil

Flavour Fusion Garlic


When I opened this one I could really smell the Garlic, which at first I thought might overpower the nice cheesy flavour which is in the original. I was totally wrong, it is the perfect combination of cheese & garlic. I love garlic, so I loved this.

A versatile dairy free cheese flavour infused with Garlic: lavishly add to enhance flavour of soup, stir fry and salad. Sprinkle on pasta or bake as a topping. Perfect in dips, the creation can be yours….. enjoy!

Whenever I have Spaghetti Bolognese I’ll be sprinkling this one all over it. It’s really tasty to add to sauces, but I used it to make cheesy Avocado Garlic Bread. I blended an Avocado, A little Koko Dairy Free Butter & a tablespoon of Flavour Fusion Garlic & then spread it on Gluten Free Bread & popped it in the over. It was seriously delicious!

Ingredients: Ground Almonds (Nuts), Yeast Flakes with added B12, Himalayan Pink Salt, Garlic (2.3%)

Flavour Fusion Chilli


So this one is my favourite, but my boyfriend & I love chilli. Talking of my boyfriend, he hates Dairy Free Cheese, he always goes without. Even Violife, which tastes of nothing, he calls feet cheese. He was sceptical of this cheese, so I had to throw some on his dinner when we wasn’t looking, I did this a couple of times… Then one day. When I didn’t get chance to throw it on, he put it on himself… I was shocked. So this is how good this product is! Especially the Chilli one.

A versatile dairy free cheese flavour infused with Chilli: perfect to sprinkle on all Mexican dishes; bake as a spicy topping or prepare that fiery dip; the creation can be yours…. enjoy!

I love sprinkling it on top of any Mexican Food I make, which is at least once a week. I made a Mexican Casserole, on top I crunched a mixture of Nachos &  Flavour Fusion Chilli & baked it. However I have just seen on Charlottes blog she made Potato Wedges with these & they look amazing, that’s next on my to make list!

Ingredients: Ground Almonds (Nuts), Yeast Flakes with added B12, Himalayan Pink Salt, Chilli Flakes (2.3%)

Overall I’m a massive fan of these, & at just £4.95 a tub I think it’s a great price. Especially compared to other high quality vegan cheeses. I’m converted as they are so versatile, user friendly & of course ridiculously tasty!

These little beauties are available in a range of Waitrose stores. I have one opening at the end of my road at the end of June, so fingers crossed I’ll be able to pick them up from there!



I was sent these lovely goodies by the wonderful Charlie from Good Carma, I only write about companies & products I like & all the opinions are my own.

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