Secret Sausages

Secret Sausages

Sneaky Veggies hiding in sausages?! Who would have thought it?! A Vegans dream. I was at my first ever Brighton Vegfest, even though I was working on the wonderful Koko Dairy Free stand most of the time I still managed to sneak away. When I did I found these beauties. I knew I’d love these as soon as I saw them, so I made sure I had a few to take home.

I was lucky enough to try the Chilli & Coriander, Cumberland, Top Dogs & Chilli Dogs & honestly I can’t wait to get my hands on some more!

Firstly. Lets discuss the company. The are a Vegetarian brand, so a heads up to all the Vegans out there, check you’re buying the Vegan ones. The story of how the company started it truly wonderful & it’s great to hear such success, I strongly believe their products are only going to get more popular. I like their realistic take on life & their product;

Although we don’t listen to every health claim ever made, we think it’s sensible to have a balanced diet, and eat as much good stuff as possible. (Although we have been known to eat the occasional sticky bun).

We also know that people are busier than ever, and expectations for tasty food have never been higher. This is where Secret Sausages fit right in.

Just look at some of the amazing facts we got from the boffins at Ashwood’s Testing Facility. We asked them to look at our sausages versus the leading brands.

Our Secret Sausages should be the food of choice for all budding super models with our low fat content.
Leave the stress behind and give your heart a rest. As recommended by City bankers and H.M. Government.
That means that now you really can eat twice as much with ‘Secret Sausages’… do the maths for yourself!
If an adult eats just 3 of our tasty Secret Sausage treats – that is enough veg to count for 1 of your 5 a day.
It is true, many of us have a busy life, & it can be a struggle for some to fit in their 5 a day, so if you can increase your intake with a couple of these little beauties then I think it’s a great idea. Much better than your standard Linda McCartney Sausages – which are nice of course, but I truly think these are better.
They aren’t gross Quorn like sausages, trying to taste like meat, however they do have a meaty texture & they don’t taste like you’re eating Brocioli & Carrots, they have a wonderfully taste of freshness.
They have skins! Made from Rice & Seaweed meaning they go a great browny colour & they are perfectly crispy! Because of this I’m really looking forward to BBQing with them. One of the Chilli Dogs (which was my favourite) chargrilled in a Bfree wrap with loads of salad, dressing & Violife. HEAVEN!
I made quiet a few wonderful meals with these, just to show how versatile they are.
I made traditional Full English Breakfast & a fancy Breakfast.

As well as a Toad in the Hole

With Gardeners Pie

With Mexican Cassulet

On a ‘dirty’ Sarnie.
Finally my favourite American Chilli Dog, with Slaw & Cheese with a side of Polenta Fries.
I have tried, made & blogged about a lot of Sausages now & I’ll happily say these are my favourite. However with Veganism it’s all about choice & it’s so great to see another brand to choice from. I can’t wait until they are in my local supermarket. I will be adding them to my weekly shopping list for sure.


I purchased these goodies, I only write about companies & products I like & all the opinions are my own.

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