Chaaboo Review

Chaaboo Review


I know I usually review food, but sometimes there is only so much food I can stuff in my face hole. Sometimes a girl just wants a warm bath, with a cup of tea & a tea soap… You heard me correctly a handmade tea soap. Life doesn’t get much sweeter than having that in your hand while you’re in the bath.

Chaaboo is a small business based in Herefordshire. We produce handmade tea soap using the traditional cold process method with ingredients carefully selected to benefit your skin.

Benefits….. Good for sensitive, mature and delicate skin. Anti-oxidising properties. Rich, creamy lather, highly moisturising with cleansing properties. Natural source of vitamin E. Vegetarian and vegan friendly – no animal products are used in chaaboo products and we don’t test on animals. Palm oil free recipe!  

These soaps sound great don’t they? Well the lovely people at Chaaboo sent me 4 of their wonderful soaps to try:

Green Tea


English Tea


Lavendar Tea


Chai Tea


Not only am I in love, but I’m converted for life, plus I’m keen to support a local business, Hereford isn’t that far away from Worcester.

Each soap contains coconut oil (everyone knows I love coconut!) & olive oil which is what makes the soap creamy, giving it a thick lather.

The soap also contains tea water & tea leaves, which I think is great. I love tea! As well as Rice bran oil, in all honesty I had no idea what this was. However, after looking into it, it contains Vitamin E & is high in anti-oxidants, which is good for individuals with sensitive skin.

Over a couple of weeks I used these soaps not only in the bath but left one on my bathroom sink, giving friends & family a chance to use them too… There was nothing I disliked about them, the lather they created was spot on, I loved the little chips of tealeaf & how smooth it felt on my skin. I have sensitive skin, without going into too much detail I used this soap everywhere! & my skin felt & smelt wonderful post bath time. My body was left feeling highly moisturised I think this would be down to the lovely Shea Butter. I love Shea Butter, a lot of my moisturisers use Shea Butter, I like the soft feeling it leaves. I don’t like strong artificial smelling soap; these had a delightful scent that wasn’t overpowering, but was so fresh.


As you can tell I’m a massive fan of these lovely soaps & anyone that needed to use the WC (I filled them up with liquids just to make sure) would say how lovely my new soap was, so I think I may have made a few convertees already. As for me, I can’t see myself buying anything but these going forward. They are a great price at just 4.50 for such a wonderful luxury soap & they’re cruelty free, 100% Vegan. Brilliant! Honestly they couldn’t be anymore perfect

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