Mighty Bee Coconut Jerky Review

Mighty Bee Coconut Jerky Review


Everyone knows Coconut is the new thing. I love coconut! I live, breathe & even work coconut. So when I heard about Might Bees Coconut Jerky I knew I had to get my hands on it.

MightyBee – a community committed to change the way we think about, deliver and consume food, one coconut at a time.

I really like their company ethics, not only are they a 100% Vegan Company, which is rare, however growing these days the actually care about nature & the world.

We believe our products should exist in harmony with nature. Our products come exclusively from 100% organic, sustainable farming practices.

The lovelies at Might Bees sent me a pouch of each of their Jerkies. Spicy BBQ, Teriyaki & Chocolate & Hazelnut. I was super excited to give these ago.

I like the cute pouches the Jerky comes in, it means you don’t have to eat it all in one go (if your will power is strong enough – mine certainly wasn’t) It’s very cute, fresh & the colours represent the flavours inside.

Each pouch has 30g of yummy jerky, made from coconut flesh, which means it’s also one of your 5 a day! Each flavour is super chewy, which I imagine Jerky is supposed to be like, I have never has Jerky or Faux Jerky before. It certainly is a funny food to eat, the texture is gorgeous & for a snack is really quite filling & really morish.

Spicy BBQ

Introducing nature’s greatest romance:  the tender flesh of organically grown, young Thai coconuts soaked in a sundried tomato based, spicy BBQ sauce, gently dehydrated to lock in the coconuts’ natural nutrients


The smell of BBQ when you open the bag is wonderful. This flavour is really tasty – spicy, but not overpowering, really zingy & the tasty flavours stay in your mouth for a while, this wonderful after taste leaving you craving more. I would suggest this jerky is much more for adults, I think it might be a bit to strong for little ones, however I know my Dad would love this, especially with a pint. I might buy us a packet each next time I see him, as I don’t want to share.

Ingredients Coconut Meat*, Water, Sundried Tomato*, Dates*, Smoked Paprika*, Cayenne Pepper*, Garlic*, Salt, Onion*, Oregano*, Basil*.


It was love at first bite: the tender flesh of organically grown, young Thai coconuts and our sticky, sweet Teriyaki sauce, gently dehydrated to lock in the coconuts’ natural nutrients.


I think this one is my favourite, it is really nice, the Teriyaki flavour is spot on. Sweet but in that savoury kind of way, so you don’t get that sickly feeling when you eat the whole bag, or at least I didn’t. The flavour worked so well with the texture, every chewy bite squeezed out more yummy flavour, the garlic & gingery aftertaste is delicious & next time I see this one I’ll definitely be stocking up.

Ingredients Coconut Meat*, Dates*, Tamari*, Coconut Sugar*, Brown Rice Vinegar*, Garlic*, Ginger*.

Chocolate Hazelnut

It’s a match made in heaven: the tender flesh of organically grown, young Thai coconuts and our indulgent chocolate sauce with chunks of real hazelnut, gently dehydrated to lock in the coconuts’ natural nutrients.


I don’t know if Chocolate Jerky is a thing, but I don’t care because this one was amazing! It felt like a really dirty sticky treat & in fact it’s a perfectly healthy snack. The chocolate sauce was lovely & rich, however it wasn’t sickly & matched the chewy coconut perfectly. I love a good texture combination to, & the crunchy Hazelnut chunks made eating the chewy jerky so much fun. Super yummy, perfect as a snack or I had mine with some dairy free yogurt as a dessert making it super delicious for a Summery Sunday dessert.

Ingredients Coconut Meat*, Water, Hazelnut*, Dates*, Coconut Sugar*, Raw Cacao*, Cashew*, Vanilla Extract*, Cinnamon*, Nutritional Yeast.

These bags are a super great treat & I would highly recommend them, they are a great price at £2.83 (12 pouches for £30) however you can also pick them up at Wholefoods!


I was sent the goodies by Might Bees to try, I only write about companies & products I like & all the opinions are my own.


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