Conscious Chocolate Review

Conscious Chocolate Review


The very lovely people at Conscious Chocolate sent me a lovely range of their yummy chocolates. I have never tried them before & I stumbled across their delicious looking goodies on Instagram (pretty much where I do all my mind food shopping these days).

Firstly lets looks at the company. They’ve been around since 2004, so they’re 12 years old, reaching their reckless teenage years. They have a range of hand-made, vegan, raw chocolate bars, their website sates ‘Our range is created from premium quality, organic, raw and primarily wild ingredients.’

I really like finding Vegan companies, it fills me with happiness. ‘From humble beginnings Conscious Chocolates have expanded rapidly, always keeping at our core an integrity for making uncompromisingly healthy, sumptuous vegan chocolate. We are delighted to be leading the market in the UK and Ireland, continental Europe and the Middle East.’ Isn’t it great to find a whole range of lovely Vegan Chocolate.

When I opened the box firstly I looked at the packaging. Each bar is hand wrapped. They look so professional, neat, tidy, smart, I love the bright colours that keep them contemporary. Overall first impressions the bars look really upmarket but in a funky kind of way. I like it!

When you open the box the bar is wrapped again, this time the packaging has a little ‘how it started’ story on it. Which I like, it makes the whole experience with the chocolate a lot more warming & personal.

When I opened the bars the smell of chocolate is great. It’s a rich fresh smell of cacao, so you know it’s going to be good. They all look really neat to say that it is raw chocolate. I have now tried all the bars, honestly they all taste amazing. I can not rave about them enough. However I’ll give it a try…

Plain Jane

I’m never really a fan of plain chocolate, I either like Dark Chocolate or plain chocolate with a flavour, however I wouldn’t really say this was plain at all. It’s smooth & rich like a dark chocolate bar however it isn’t at all bitter, it’s a really tasty middle ground between milk & dark chocolate in my opinion. Moreish as I ate the whole thing!

The Dark Side


This bar is really dark. I love dark chocolate, however I guess because the bar is raw it makes it super rich & dark. It was nice, however not what I was expecting or used to. The flavour was that intense I could only eat half the bar (I finished it off the next night of course). Perfect & tasty for people that like dark chocolate, however I’ll sticking with the Intense one.


Out of the ‘plain’ range from Conscious this one had to be my favourite. Just like Goldy Locks said, this one is just right. Dark chocolate with a hint of Vanilla, I could only just taste it, but it gave an edge of sweetness to the rich darkness of this bar a really great combination of flavours. One of my favourites out of the whole range!

Goji & Coconut

Everyone that knows me, knows I live, breath & eat coconut. This bar was yummy organic goji berries & coconut chips. The texture was amazing with the crunchy chips with the soft berries. The coconut wasn’t as strong as I would have liked it, but I think in all fairness it’s because I love it so much & it may have overpowered the chocolate & berries. So this one has to be spot on & another one I’ll buy in the future.

The Nutty One

This one really lives up to it’s name. Packed with organic brazils, cashews, hazelnuts & walnuts. I love nutty chocolate & this has to be one of the best I have ever had. I like the chucks of nuts that are different from the normal nuts you would find in nutty bars. The nuts are a good size give the bar great texture. I’ll be buying one again & again!

Cheeky Cherry

I love the cherry in the bar, they are so sweet & juicy, the texture of them when you bite into the bar is insanely good. The bar isn’t overly sweet, the richness of the bar & sweetness of the cherries match perfectly. Cheeky Cherry is a winner.

Wild at Heart

I think this one sounds the most interesting. Maca, vanilla & wild blue-green algae. It certainly tasted amazing, the vanilla is like a vanilla I have never tasted before. It wasn’t artificial & had a wonderful aftertaste, a very deep flavour combination that I really enjoyed. I think this one might be a favourite too!

Essential Orange

Made with organic essential oils of orange and tangerine. Now everyone knows I’m not the biggest fan of Orange Chocolate because I tend to find it too sweet & artificial tasting. This certainly wasn’t artificial at all, it tasted like fresh orange, it was sweet. My boyfriend who is a great fan of orange said it was amazing & tasted more like a luxury orange dessert than your standard Orange Chocolate bar. Which I think is a great review.

Love Potion

This is the only bar I’m not sure on. When I opened it, the smell was amazing, the best smelling bar by far. I knew it was going to have a floral taste, however the floweriness really took me by surprise, at first I wasn’t sure if I liked it. So I had another piece. Then another & another & then it was gone. I ended up really liking it & my initial shock was just because this was something so new & fresh to my pallet. I think if you’re a Turkish delight fan you would adore this bar.

Mint Hint

. This is lovely & minty! When I opened the box I could smell the lovely aroma of mintiness. I split this one with my boyfriend as he is a big fan of mint chocolate too. We both agreed this tasted like a luxury peppermint cream bar, rather than your standard After Eight. The Peppermint is matched perfectly to the smooth chocolate, giving it that creamy taste. Delicious!


My favourites have to be Intense, The Nutty One & Wide at Heart.


These bars have that healthy feel to them, while still maintaining wonderful flavour. However I think that is a great way to sum them up, healthier bars that contains all the taste & greatness of a yummy chocolate bar. I obviously have my favourites & I’ll be purchasing these ones again. I want to try the Coconut Crush & Simply Saintly too as they sound gorgeous! However I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up to any of these. I highly recommend these bars & at £3 each, remembering that it’s Raw Organic Chocolate it’s a great price.

Disclosure: I was sent these products from Conscious Chocolates to try. I only write about companies that I like and my opinions are my own.


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