Little Babette’s Vegan Journey Ends

My Best Friend Babs’ Veganuary challenge has now come to an end. Carry on reading to see how she got on.


The end of my Vegan Journey…

And it’s been great! Before going vegan, I always thought I liked the idea of veganism, being more responsible with your food to help the environment. However, even though I eat more vegetarian food, I also thought it would be a struggle. I guess you are so used to eating certain things and don’t want to see them go, that for me was cheese! So I started Veganuary as a challenge, but ended up really enjoying it and changing certain habits in my house.

First – I won’t be buying milk anymore, the only milk I want to buy is the non-dairy kind, the kind that taste beautiful, nutty and creamy! The main reason for this is I believe the dairy industry has gone mad, milk keeps getting cheaper and cheaper as supermarket fight for customers. I don’t believe that’s right, the farmers must get nothing?! In return the cows get the rough end of the deal as corners are cut to meet the demands.

I will still be buying cheese however, so I will still be participating in this, which makes me a hypocrite, but if I can make a slight change then that’s the plan! Also when I do buy cheese I want to buy the good stuff, in hope the cows that supplied the milk and the farmer had a better deal!

Secondly – the majority of the meals I will cook will be vegan. I’ve really enjoyed making vegan meals, if anything I think they are tastier! Also it’s been really easy to cook vegan, I’ve bought so many vegan cooks books to get my creative juices flowing! There’s also less chance of messing up a meal when you cook up vegetable, when cooking meat it can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. So I’m cutting out the problem all together by not cooking meat!

Thirdly – I will never write off a vegan restaurant or the vegan option on a menu. The vegan foods I’ve had out have been some of the best food I’ve ever tasted!


So I’d like to end this by saying… THANK YOU HANA! I thought going vegan for a month would be a challenge but in fact it’s been a joy, it’s opened my eyes to a new and exciting world of food discoveries. I’m glad Hana has encouraged me to do this and changed my views. She was a constant support during the whole month and I’m happy she’s shown me how easy it is to be vegan, I totally love you Hana!



So as you can see Babs completed the month – she knocked it out of the park. I am so happy she did it & so pleased she enjoyed it. She is a wonderful human & I am so glad I could help her on this journey. I LOVE YOU BABETTE!

I am really happy to hear that Babs will be making the switch to Dairy Free milks. I am one of the many Vegans that don’t expect everyone to turn Vegan at a click of the fingers & shout at those that have no Vegan ways. By Babs never consuming milk again & eating more Vegan meals it helps out not only the environment but to put the wheels into motion to stop animal cruelty. If just one person that reads my blog & tells me for the rest of their lives they are going to do Meatless Mondays I wold be chuffed. If someone read Babs blog & said they were forever going to be Dairy Free I would be pleased as punch. If someone I have ever spoken to said they were going to have Vegan Breakfast for the rest of their lives, go Vegetarian, or be a 5/2 Vegan I would know that the world is heading in the right direction. Making me feel so very happy. Take every single win – no matter how small.

Congratulations to all the meat eaters out there that took part in Vegauary. I hope you realise how wonderful you are to have done this & the lives you have saved.

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