Little Babette’s Journey so far…

Little Babette’s Journey so far…

So back to Babs. She’s 22 days in to her Vegan challenge. I’m very proud o her – to be honest I know what she’s like & I knew she would smash it out of the park. Now with just over a week left after talking with her it’s amazing that an already well rounded individual has picked up just from one little change. I personally am jealous of her Veganness being experienced in London & if you read the next stage of her journey I think you will see why.


My Vegan journey so far…Is going pretty well! I’m really enjoying it and all its perks.

I was going to start this with my favourite thing about being vegan but I literally can’t pin point my absolute favourite, there are too many to pick from. Like finding new amazing restaurants in London with the worlds creamiest red Thai curry. I daydream about it now, it was that good. If you are ever in London, you need to go to Tibits, and it’s only due to veganism that we got to experience this awesome place!


I’ve had to be more imaginative with my food; I’ve use different vegetable, different flavours, lentils, pulses, you name it, I’ve done it… or at least I’m thinking about it! It’s made me relive my love for avocado, which I always seem to forget! I’ve made loads of new wonderful recipes that taste great! I’ve realised if you garnish a meal well, it tastes like a dream and you never feel like you are missing anything.

The vegan option in most restaurants is the cheapest on the menu, WIN! And there are less options, which makes picking, take less time, WIN!

The health benefits have been a bonus too! I regularly go to bed feeling a bit sick, but I would just sleep on my belly and forget about it as I was falling asleep. But since being vegan, I’ve gone to bed feeling good and ready for a great night sleep! I have a lot more energy, which is always great! And I’ve lost weight!

Interestingly enough, I usually have the biggest sweet tooth and would pig out on sweets, but being vegan I’m craving more savoury things and could happily eat a couple of sweets rather then the whole bag, which is a massive bonus!

So, so far so good! Still missing the cheese though, but there’s plenty more food out there to explore and distract me.

And the lover boy cooked up a brilliant Vegan Fry Up, WIN!



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