The Quarterly Vegan Update

Hello Guy. Gosh have I missed you. Let me catch you up on things. On Wednesday 18th November I left my horrid job at Vax after working my one month notice. On the Friday 20th November I moved into my new home.  A new build flat on Diglis Docks on the River Severn in Worcester – proudly named Food Pervert Head Quarters. Finally on the 30th November I started my new job at Koko Dairy Free – finally I work for a company that I have a passion for. So in a short period of time a lot happened. I realised within my run up of handing over my job at Vax my life was becoming swamped. Something had to give; I saw a quantity of my friends less. I relied on my closest friends a lot more to help with the move. My boyfriend became my rant receiver. My family became DIYers, cleaners & bunny sitters. Gym went out the window; running was already a lost cause. My food became quick & easy. Sleep was lacking. Writing blogs became a thing of the past.

I still did some exercise. I still used Instagram for every meal. I saw friends when I could. I wasn’t too stressed all the time – I laughed & enjoyed my new home. So here we are – back again, just before 2015 comes to an end. I can honestly say I have missed blogging so much. I realise my last few blogs have been reviews or recipes. I haven’t done a catch proper catch up of my GFV life in sometime.  I think this is a nice way to start. Don’t you?

Here goes. Somehow – my weight has maintained. I ran the Birmingham Half Marathon in October – 21 kilometres in total. I was feeling good – I had trained hard. I was beating my planned time as well as my PB. I had just jogged the horrid hill that everyone who has ever taken part in the Birmingham Half Marathon knows about. I had just 2 kilometres left. Then my knee went. I almost fell over – managing to balance myself out. I had a burning pain in my knee which increased every time my foot hit the floor. The pain made my eyes water. I began to walk. My eyes dried. The pain was overtaken by adrenaline. I started to run again – instantly my eyes filled with tears – the pain was intense. I hobbled over the line & straight to my Dad – who hugged me for beating my PB. However I was slightly over my planned time. I was gutted. In Pain. I just wanted to go home. The following day I went to the doctors – they pocked & prodded me. Moving & pulling at my leg. I had sprained my knee. I was told to RICE constantly. No gym for two weeks, after that only cycling, no running for eight weeks. I was so low– I loved exercising. I became very down on myself. Ate less, became spotty, and lost a lot of sleep. That was just the first week. The following week I became ill with a kidney infection. I woke up with fevers, lost my appetite completely & found I had nothing to do with my time because I couldn’t exercise. I couldn’t see the light.

My Kidney infection went away after two weeks. I started cycling at the gym. I signed up for a 5K Santa Dash with my chums which was taking place exactly 8 weeks after the Birmingham Half Marathon. I was feeling better. Moving house took up all my time – so again I couldn’t go to the gym as much. However moving house is exercise in itself. Plus my mind was filled with other things. I was excited & nervous about my new life. I completed the Santa Dash last weekend. My knee didn’t hurt as I ran it – however that evening & the following day it became swollen again. Taking it easy at the gym again is something I am struggling with again this week. However I know it’s for the greater good. I already have two 5Ks, five 10Ks & the Birmingham Half Marathon on for 2016. I can’t wait. I need to make sure I’m fighting fit for these.

I got a boyfriend too. Ooooayyyy. Haha. We have known each other a little while & made it officially at the end of October when I took him to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour for his Birthday –  know rght? I’m just so romantic. It was a lot of fun. He’s a lot of fun. So no doubt you’ll be hearing more about him in up & coming updates. I think he’s got me some wonderful Christmas Presents & we’re heading to London for NYE to spend it with two of my best friends. Then in March we’re going to Barcelona. So if anyone knows of any Vegan hotspots please let me know!

I really started to dislike my job at Vax. I don’t know if you ever got that vibe… It was becoming a choir, friends I had made had moved on. I was stuck doing the same old thing each day for a company that didn’t care for me. Luckily I saw a Koko Dairy Free lorry drive past the office one day. I thought ‘that’s odd’ googled were they were based & to my shock found out that it was only a few miles away in Bromsgrove. I emailed them in hope that they would have a job vacancy or a chance I could do some blog work for them. I went through the normal job interview process & was chosen – I now work as the Retail Graduate for Koko Dairy Free. So no doubt you’ll be seeing me at Vegfest shows on the Koko Stand in 2016. Turns out that lorry I saw – well that’s the only lorry they have. What are the chances I’d look out the window at that point when it drove past.

We’ve touched on this already. However I have moved house. I have been renting since I was 18. Now 8 years later I have purchased a little flat. It is wonderful – a Vegans dream. It’s a new build. Which never really took my fancy until I realised it was the only thing I could get a mortgage on. The plus side of a new build it’s a meat-free zone. Being the first person to ever live in this property – no animal (besides my Bunnies) has crossed the door. Living animals are welcome of course. The kitchen is so delightful & clean. This has opened up a whole new world to me – with this I plan to spend 2016 Vlogging chats & recipes. So you’ll get to have a proper look at it.

My bunnies are well. This time last year Grignote was terribly ill – the vet said she wouldn’t make it through Christmas. I was devastated to the point I wasn’t sleeping & my hair stated to fall out. Now a year later she’ back to being a little nightmare – plus I have slightly more hair now. In fact she went on holiday to my parents for a month while I was moving house. She managed to put on 1 kilo! Turns out my Mother was feeding them Wheatabix for breakfast. Now she’s on a little diet – as I was told she was a little overweight when I took her for her check-up. Everyone at the vet remembered her. They called her the Christmas Miracle – explaining that whenever an ill rabbit comes in they tell the owner the story of Grignote so they have a little more hope.

Finally I should finish off on a Christmasy note right? Last Sunday I had ‘Friend Christmas Dinner’ with a little help from my friend Gee we cooked for 11 people in total. My favourite part of the meal  was when I asked my friends what their favourite thing on their plate was. 8 of them replied with ‘Nut Roast’ explaining that they weren’t even fussed that they didn’t have Turkey. Isn’t it grand when that happens? It’s exactly why I love cooking or people – I know I have saved a few little extra lives. This year my parents will be coming to mine for Christmas Day. I’ve explained the no meat rule & it didn’t kick up too much fuss. A vegany Christmas for everyone this year – making me very happy. I’m sure I’ll be updating my Instagram with lots of wonderful Chrismasy news.

So that is it for this catch up. Another one in just in time for Easter. Gosh I love Easter. Merry Christmas Guys – enjoy your Nut Roasts.

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