My Time At London Vegfest 2015.

My Time At London Vegfest 2015.

Friday 9th October. I finished work at 16 hundred hours. Headed home threw a few clothes in my case. My theory was the less stuff I took, the more stuff I could bring back. Last nights leftovers in a tupperware – I heated them up so they’re nuclear hot. Then at 18.49 Jen & myself were sitting at Worcester Foregate Street Station. Ready & waiting to head to Vegfest London 2015.

On the train I scoffed my face with goodies. My leftovers were still hot. I’m clever like that. You pick up these traits as a part time travelling Vegan. I told Jen my good news. I’d had an interview the day before for a company called First Grade International – they are the founders & producers of Koko Dairy Free. Just a few hours before they had called me to offer me the job. I was more than ecstatic when I got the news. In fact I put the phone down & cried with happiness. My weekend was already on a high with my good news & tasty foods. We partook in more chatting, & caught up on Vegan Life Magazine. Time flew.

Jen & I rocked up at London Paddington at 21 hundred hours & within 45 minutes we were at Dalston Kingland, welcomed by my best friend Babs & her lovely warm home. Toilet trips were essential by this point; followed by teas. For the next few hours catch ups & cuddles were had & then it was bedtime. I was too excited to sleep – my good news I received just hours before mixed with my excitement for Vegfest meant I couldn’t switch my brain off. When I finally did my dreams were the most pleasant they’d been in a long time.

Saturday 10th October. Vegfest opens at 11 hundred hours. I said set my alarm for 8 hundred hours. I was awake at 07.40. I’m not much of a sleeper to be honest. Why sleep when I can be doing stuff. In fact readers – 07.40 is a massive lie in for me. Showered. Dressed. Made Up. I was ready to go at 09.45. I decided to skip breakfast. More room for Vegfest food that way – instead I picked up a Soy Coffee from Harvest E 8 for the journey.

At 10.50 Jen, Babs & I arrived at Olympia Kensington. A quick walk & we were met with a huge queue. I can honestly say I have never seen a queue this big before for anything in my life. By the time we found the end the show was opening. Yes the queue was a 10 minute walk. In all fairness it wasn’t too bad. 15 minutes later we were through the door & walking up the stairs. Walking into the hall I could tell instantly this was going to be something bigger than the previous Vegfests. Firstly it was two floors – both were huge. Stalls everywhere. Food everywhere. People everywhere. Readers. I spent a lot of money. Loads. In total guys I spent £125. That’s a lot.

I won’t bore you with everything I spent money on & all the details of every inch of visuals that entered my brain. I saw everything I wanted. Spoke to some wonderful people & treated my eyes & nostrils to a couple of cooking demos. If you let me ramble I’ll give you my highlight purchases.

Dee’s Wholefoods: I loved this stall. The girl I spoke to was humble & honest. I was a Dee virgin so I sampled a couple of their sausages. They were so tasty. I was instantly sold – I bought a pack of each flavor. The offer made it clear I had to buy three. So I asked the girl for her opinion – she was well informed & passionate about her product. My favorite new thing I tried at Vegfest.

Great Food: Unfortunately these are not sold anywhere local to me. Therefore when I go to any festival that sells Great Food products I always make sure to stop by & purchase what I can. They were running really low on stock by the time I got to them. They still had their mouthwatering falafels on sale. I made my purchase & again had a chat with one of the guys on the stall. He was friendly & I explained that I had done a bit of work with Great Food previously with one of their employees Sophie. I had created recipes & foodie photos using their products. It’s great blogging about a product you love.

Koko Dairy Free: You may think me bias. As I soon will be working for KDF. However I’m really not. I love Koko milk. I also love other milk. Rebel Kitchen Chai Mylk, Almond Breeze, Almond Dream, Rice Dream. A lot of dreams… They are all up there for me. However Koko Dairy Free does win the Coconut alternative award in my eyes. I hadn’t had the chance to try their new lower fat version. Often when a change like this is made to a product you can taste it too. I was shocked that there was no taste difference. Pleasantly surprised. I made my purchases – unfortunately a little early on & had to carry them around for the rest of the show. My handy little tip. Leave the milk purchases until the end.

Rebel Kitchen: As stated above – I love Rebel Kitchens Chai Mylk. I also like their comical designs & play on words. I got to try their Coffee Mylk at the show. Instantly has been added to the above lists of favorite milks. Rebel Kitchen isn’t something I would recommend you to put on your cereals or in your tea. The taste itself is quite a lot & it needs to be appreciated on it’s own. I like the Chai Mylk warmed on a wintery evening. Slippers on with a bunny on my lap – just call me Nanna Hana.

Ruby’s of London: So these guys were new for me. I hadn’t heard of them before. I treated myself to a Peanut Butter Brownie & a Chocolate Doughnut. Both Gluten-Free. They had quite a few Gluten-Free options – which was great for me of course. The girl on the stall was ridiculously friendly – in fact she was lovely. To say they had obviously been busy & still were she was happy, giggly & more than welcoming when taking time to have a little chat with me. The cakes I chose were so good. It’s times like this I wish I lived in London. That way I could pop to their café & stuff my face. However I’d probably have to spend every day at the gym working off the amount I would scoff.

Paradise Unbakery: Raw cakes always amaze me – I had seen these guys on instagram before so when I saw their stall I was more than please. They had a great selection of treats. However the one I had heard the most noise about was their Cake in a Jar. I purchased it & a couple of days later Nana Hana popped on her slippers. Warned up her Chai Mylk & grabbed a spoon. Oh wow that cake was tasty. Plus I got a new little jar too.

Love Libby: For quite sometime I’ve wanted a Vegan necklace. I had seen a few however they weren’t for me. Statement necklaces aren’t really my style. I don’t mean because they throw Vegan in your face. I have many vegan tees I wear with pride. I just find chunky pendent necklaces don’t suit my boney neck – it’s the giant collarbones – girl issues 101. However these guys did some truly beautiful pieces. Simple, delicate & super cute. Plus they had a couple of bunny charms – so of course I was sold. I purchased the side portrait of a bunny – with the word vegan inscribed. I love it.

All Glamour No Guts: So this stall was by far the coolest. Is cool still cool? Being 26 I may be past it however it doesn’t matter – these dudes were like totally hip… Anyway… I like to purchase one tee per VegFest. It’s like my unwritten rule. I basically have loads of clothes – so I have to limit myself. For me to truly get the tee I want I have to look round all the stalls & decide at the end which tee I liked the most. When I saw All Glamour No Guts baseball tee I fell in love. On the back of the black & white tee it had a monkey in a tattoo style design with the words This isn’t science, it’s violence. Simple but it gets its point across. Plus it looks super cool! When I walked away from the stall I turned to Jen & said ‘I regret not buying that already – that will be the one I go back for’. & I did.

Dosa Deli: This was my lunch. These guys are great. I had seen them when I was at Greenman Festival this summer. I was intrigued by their flamboyant pink stall – I was even more intrigued when I read their menu. To my delight it was all Gluten Free & Vegan. So when I saw them again at Vegfest tucked along the side of the food area I was chuffed. I raved about them so much Babs had one too. The chickpea wrap is so tasty; with the coconut side it really hits the spot. I also had the super spicy sauce & it was very spicy. I love it – but that’s because I like hot food. A perfect lunch to set me up for more shopping.

Sushi Wrap: Jen didn’t part take in our Dosas, instead she had a Housin Duck Sushi Roll from Sushi Wrap. I watched them make it, I saw her eat it & the smell was great. I was jealous. So jealous I decided it would be a really good idea to buy one for my dinner on the train home later that weekend. Makes totally sense right? It just looked so good & I felt so left out – I needed it in my life. It was a great shout. I ate it on the train home & it really was amazing. A perfect end to a great weekend.

These were my joys of the day. My top 10 – in no order! I also got my standard favorites. Nakd bars, Vegusto, Jokerz bars & Round ups – you know? The essentials. You can see where my money went. We left Vegfest at 16 hundred hours. It was a long but extremely enjoyable day. I’m off to West Midlands Vegfest later this month. I plan on going to the Brighton Vegfest too in the Spring of 2016. If my exciting new job doesn’t take me their first.

Overall Vegfest was great fun. Loads of amazing things to look at & eat. An experience I will never get bored of.

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