Toned Tum Challenge – 11 Days In.

Toned Tum Challenge – Eleven Days In.

Eleven days. Eleven whole days in. Eighty days left to go. I’m sure you’re dying to hear about my progress. Well I’m sticking to it whole heartedly. Gyming four or five times a week & running once or twice a week. I know I can’t give up desserts – so my rule sticks. I only have desserts if I feel like I have earned it by going hard at the gym that day. Also I have tried to make the desserts healthier. So far so good.

tum 08.09.2015

As of Sunday I have also introduced a few new abs related exercises into my routine at the gym. Working on your core muscles are essential for a well-rounded fitness programme. Abdominal exercises help build up muscle in your pelvis, lower back, hips & abs – & as an added bonus they help with better balance. Before I would often have a day where I would focus on doing leg lifts & planking. Now I do these every time I go to the gym as well as a day that is dedicate to abs & core. I plank for longer & double the amount of leg lifts. While also doing spider-man planks, Russian twists, as well as weight machines that strengthen your Abdominals. I think it kind of sounds like I know what I’m on about. However this is still a massive learning curve for me – but learning is good… Anyway. You’ll never guess what. The evenings & the days after abs day – boy do I ache. I’m told this is a good thing & expected as I have never really done any work on these areas before. I’ve always focused on thighs, bum & arms.

Now I’m going to look into more core exercises ready for my gym tomorrow morning. I intend to start side planking & flutter kicks. I hear these two exercises are toughies. So I’m not massively looking forward to trying them. However I did think the same about the others I add & now I love Russian twists – I know right. I totally sound like an exercise junky when I say that kind of thing.

Other than the extra achy pains I haven’t really noticed a great deal of difference. However Sunday I met with my Estate Agent & as soon as I walked in the door she asked me in I’d lost weight. I was wearing a crop top so I thought maybe I normally turn up in looser clothing. Then when I was looking at carpets – like a grown up – she said you look really toned – are you doing something different? Toned. She actually used the term toned. I was chuffed. My chum said to me 4 weeks for you to see, 8 weeks for friends to see, 12 for the rest of the world. Maybe estate agents have a closer attention to detail… Nonetheless if it true it’s only going to be another seventeen days until I notice.

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