My Veganniversary.

My Veganniversary.

Veganniversary is a word right? If not I’m copyrighting that right now. The 1st September 2014 I realised what I was – a massive Food Pervert – more importantly I made the biggest change in my life – I became a Gluten-Free Vegan.


I had been Vegetarian since I was 17. At the time I thought it was a silly change I made on a whim – who would have thought it. After a few weeks I realised it wasn’t silly – it became a massive part of my life for the next 8 years.

I thought by being Vegetarian that was enough & I thought Veganism was a hippie step too far. I was young, immature, naive – too concerned about having a good time with chums & getting really drunk. Basically I was  bit stupid & so wrong. However I was strict to my Vegetarianism & it was close to my heart. At the age of 25 & a half it all changed again. I never really knew much about Veganism. Last year when I took up my one month challenge of becoming Gluten-Free & Vegan I again did not expect it to hit my heart as much as it did. I learnt so much. I didn’t even have to become a hippie.

Firstly let’s cover off being Gluten-Free. Before last year – whenever I had any Gluten treats my stomach would really not agree with me. It would cause me a whole load of grief. It was unpleasant. Doctors weren’t sure if it was a Gluten-Intolerance – they just couldn’t be sure. Nonetheless this side of my challenge was the experimental side.

Secondly Veganism. There was many reasons why I wanted to cut out egg & dairy. One was very shallow & I’m not affraid to admit it. I love to chanllenge myself. I wanted to see if my body would change in line with my dietary change. Another reason – I had slowly come to realise that fatty dairy products were making my extremely spotty. Also I wanted to see if I would become healthier & lose weight. Finally I wanted to learn more about Veganism – I knew the only way I could do this was head first. Once I started my path of knowledge into the egg & dairy industry mixed with my existing love of animals I knew there would be no turning back.

Since then – what have I learnt. A lot. So much. After my challenge was over I stuck to my Gluten-Free Vegan life. I loved it. Everything about it. Everything that I wanted to see came from it – I had less stomach aches, I proved I could challenge myself, I lost a couple of pounds but felt healthier & I learnt so much truth behind terrible animal industries that truly would see me not turning back. When you learn the truth… It’s like when I put my glasses on in the morning & everything becomes so much clearer. Those shallow bits – well they are just added extra. When I realise the animals lives I’m saving just by changing a small part of my life. I couldn’t be happier.

Don’t get me wrong – it hasn’t all been plain sailing. I have never broken my Veganism nor have I been tempted I believe this is because I have such strong morals. However I do struggle with the beautiful wheaty treats I miss out on. At this moment in time I haven’t had any Gluten containing food for three months. In total – this past year I have probably messed up about 8 times. Every time it has been for something great – which I have really enjoyed. However the results that follow are a lot less than great. I still have the terrible stomach aches. I was diagnosed with IBS – I think this may be why I have kept away for the last three months. Which really sucks – some foods effects me more than others – one of those is no doubtably wheat. It’s unfortunate but something I have to deal with. A struggle indeed.

I can promise to myself & everyone else that I will always always always be Vegan – it’s my life & I cherish it. I have learnt so much this past year & I want to help others learn too. In July my friend Ben took up my challenge. Vegan for one month. He got to the third week & unfortunately failed. However he is still in the process from Vegetarian to Vegan & I know in time he’ll be able to smash it. January 2016 my best friend Babette will be taking up the same challenge however from a meat eater to Vegan. If anyone else feels like taking up this challenge, testing yourself but most importantly learning the truth to animal cruelty please let me know. I’m happy to help & I can promise you – you’ll enjoy it.

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