Toned Tum Challenge – The Beginning.

Toned Tum Challenge – The Beginning.

Hello there my darling readers.

Sorry it’s been a little while. I have had a busy month with changes in work, finalising my new flat purchase, festivals & a massive argument with Sky Broadband. The latter has made accessing the internet quite the challenge. Talking about challenges – you readers that are more dedicated to reading my rambles will know I love a challenge… This one came to me a couple of weeks ago. Toned Tum Challenge.

Toned Tum Challenge

If you know me, or have seen pictures of me – I’m most certainly not a whale. I’m 5ft6, with a good amount of curve & a slender structure. I weigh anything between 9 stone 4 to 9 stone 9 – like most of us I constantly fluxurate. I am a UK size 10 on my bottom half, a size 6/8 on top & a 34D. I suffer with IBS so I have cut Gluten out of my diet, I have been Vegetarian since I was 17 & on the 1st September 2015 I will be celebrating my Veganniversary. I attend the gym four or five times a week, as well as a 5 to 10K outdoor run & I have recently inspired a group of chums to start a running club with me called Your Pace or Mine – we have just completed our first 3K run & we aim to get to 5K permanently. I am pro healthy eating with a terrible sweet tooth addiction. So far this challenge seems like it could be achievable. However I know it’s going to be my hardest challenge yet. I enjoy weight lifting but don’t always see a body difference with the amount I do, also it’s much harder for females to gain muscle. Like I said I love my sweet things & my rule is – if I go to the gym I’m allowed a dessert that day. This may need to change. Also I love a binge drink. I’m not a mid-week glass of wine kind of girl – I’m more left get totally wrecked on a Friday freak. I’ve never seen this as a bad thing – everyone’s allowed a break. I dance all night as well as walking to different pubs & the 20 minute stumble from & to home. I figure this helps level out the calories – but going forward this isn’t going to do wonders for my muscle gain.

So this is it. My new challenge. 28th November 2015. I’m not expecting to wake up looking like Jodie Marsh that Saturday – I’m being realistic here. I just want a hard tum – with some definition. Maybe after that I’ll start some sort of six pack challenge. However for now – baby steps.

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