Ben’s Story – Vegan Challenge The End.

Ben’s Story – Vegan Challenge The End.

The Vegan Challenge

Readers. It’s silly. This is really silly. I don’t know you guys at all. However I tell you things I don’t openly say to those that are close to me. With this in mind I also feel I can not lie to you… Don’t worry. I haven’t broken my Vegan vow. This is something I could never do. Going back to a Vegetarian lifestyle is beyond thinking for me. However the day after Ben sent me his blog to upload he unfortunately lost his challenge. I can’t say that I wasn’t disappointed. He had his excuses – his friend had gone out of her way to buy them pizzas. He lives in Berlin & even though she asked for the pizza to cheeseless the language barrier got in the way. The pizza came – covered in dairy & Ben failed his challenge. To me I wouldn’t have eaten the pizza – I would have apologised to my friend & refused. I’m not saying I’m a better person because of this. I’m just a different person.

Ben & I had a lengthy chat after. I said I no longer felt comfortable carrying on blogging on his behalf. He got offended & said we could write it off as a learning curve. The thing is guys – I say this is a challenge. For Ben it may very well be a challenge – for my first month of Veganism it was a challenge. Now it’s my life. There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t think Vegan – fudge sake there isn’t an hour that passes I don’t think about food – Vegan food. So when I say I was disappointed – I really was.

Now don’t get me wrong Ben & I have been friends for eight years. Seven years of that he was a meat eater – I’m not going to throw that friendship away over some cheese. Nor will I be angry with him & I certainly won’t be disappointed forever. At the end of the day he took the first step almost a year ago by becoming Vegetarian. Now he’s stumbling towards Veganism & I’m going to support him fully. Since that cheesey day last week he has stuck to a Vegan diet. I know that if he wants to do it he can – I honestly think he can. It’s all about baby steps, having a positive attitude, the right support & most of all learning curves.

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