Ben’s Story – Vegan Challenge Week Three.

Ben’s Story – Vegan Challenge Week Three.

Ben is on his third week – he’s doing really well. I remember in my third week I was struggling to understand why I hadn’t done this sooner & I couldn’t see myself taking the step back to Vegetarianism. This also made me feel anxious. Could I commit to this massive change – I didn’t want to be a part-time vegan. It was very much all or nothing & I didn’t want to mess up – letting myself or anyone else down.

My main concern, after my previous entry, was that my prediction regarding the most annoying thing about being vegan was going to turn out to be false. I imagined I might uncover some other horrific pit falls or perhaps have some uncontrollable cravings. Thankfully, so far, my original thought is proving to be correct. The most difficult aspect is when people point out things that I can’t eat, and a very small part of me dies. Ok so that’s a slight exaggeration. But I’m currently in a nice little hotel in Denmark and the breakfast table this morning was overflowing with varieties of cheese. That was a difficult moment.  But it led me to another positive realisation. I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to override my naturally quite poor will-power when it comes to food and eating. Before I would’ve seen that table of cheese and gone to town on it. Like, seriously decimated it. I would have eaten what I would describe as ‘an unhealthy amount’. Now, I have a reason not to do it. A reason to just say no also – it’s nice to also start feeling the associated health benefits that come with this new conviction.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Berlin is turning out to be very vegan friendly. This week I found yet more, and tasty confirmation of this. A sudanese kebab house that specialises in vegan falafel kebabs with this incredible peanut butter sauce. It’s unreal.

VeganI also realised this week that I’m slowly becoming one of the things I hate; a person who takes pictures of their food and shares them with the world. Oh well, it’s for the best because you get to see this really excellent soup that I made this week. Well this is what it looked like just before I put it in my blender. It was basically an excuse to get rid of all my vegetables before I left for a week, and it was a triumph! Sweet potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers and cucumber. Mixed with water and some vegan friendly vegetable stock. It went down really well with my housemates as well, which is always a bonus.

VeganI like to challenge myself and that was initially my only reason for going vegetarian a year ago. It was initially a month-long challenge and that’s all I intended it to be. However, I embraced it and began to learn more about why people do it and learnt about the meat and dairy industries and it began to feel very right and natural for me. I soon realised that going vegan was inevitable for me, but it was about finding the right time to do it. I eased myself into it with no huge fanfare and I’m taking it day by day. I find it’s easier not to worry myself too much about what I’m going to eat or not eat well in advance. I take it as it comes and that works for me. I’m feeling pretty positive about continuing down this road and would urge anyone considering it to just give it a try!

I agree with Ben at this point quite a lot. It’s all about timing – I was Vegetarian for eight years. Then I took the step to Veganism. The first seven years I never really thought about going Vegan – the eighth year was when it came to my attention that I needed & wanted to change. I did many Vegan weeks in that year. The first time I decided to try it for a month was when I knew this was the right step for me. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes it’s a toughy – I find it harder coping with my Gluten Intolerance. Whenever I walk past a bakery or today at lunch someone was eating fresh bread toasted – the smell was to die for. It just tends to be one of those things that you learn to get over. Other things are much more important.

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