Ben’s Story – Vegan Challenge Week Two.

Ben’s Story – Vegan Challenge Week Two.

On Thursday Ben sent me his latest update of his Vegan Journey. Nine days in – in my opinion he’s over come the hardest bit – which I felt was the first week. However this is also the period of time when the greatest learning curve comes & smashes you in the face. When I was doing my Vegan challenge I kind of realised that if I was to stick to Veganism after the month was finished this would be my life forever. There would be food I would never had again – would I have appreciated it a little more when I was eating my last cheesy pizza? However I knew after what I had learnt & that I could easily be Vegan there would never be a going back. To add to this – I know look back & realised I was being silly. Vegan alternatives are advancing so much & Vegan food can be brilliant if you know what you’re doing. Let’s see how Ben is finding it at this point.

So it’s been just over a week. What have I learnt? If this week is anything to go by then the most trying thing about being a vegan will be the times when people remind me what I can’t eat, rather than craving particular things.
“So you can’t even eat pizza? Not even a Margarita?”
“Well, no I suppose not. Damn”
I watched Hana eat a pizza without cheese on it once and it just looked a bit depressing. VeganVegan
As I mentioned previously, I’ve just moved to Berlin. The one thing I didn’t consider when coinciding these two major life choices was the language barrier and the subsequent difficulty of knowing exactly what I am buying. So I’ve been playing it fairly safe and sticking to stuff that I know isn’t going to be a problemA dinner I was particularly proud of this week was stuffed bell pepper with rice, fried mushrooms and kidney beans with a spot of vegan friendly pesto, served with these oven-baked potato things.

A real positive of the week has been re-discovering my blender, particularly in this heat. I’ve been cramming it full of fruits and ice and sharing the love with my housemates, who are a lot less snotty about veganism with a tall, cold glass of watermelon and orange smoothie in their hands on the hottest day ever recorded in Germany.

I cycled round the city for the first time properly today and it’s been comforting to discover how vegan-friendly Berlin is. I went to a store that specialises in organic products and whilst it’s quite expensive for typical food-stuffs, it does have a lot of special vegan stuff like milks, cheeses and chocolates.

I have a new app that tells me how close I am to vegan-friendly outlets, so with all this I’m feeling confident going into my next week and beyond!

I have spoken to Ben almost everyday since his journey began. I really enjoy hearing how positive he is about this & I’m slightly jealous that he gets to experience things for the first time – especially in a place like Berlin which sounds like a Vegans dream. Oh & just to let you know – I love my cheeseless pizzas now. I’ll tell you why – they feel a lot less greasy to eat, I don’t have stomach cramps after eating them. Finally I can eat a giant large pizza without cheese & I’m taking in less calories than I would in I have a medium cheesey pizza. So I can eat more – & I love eating more. So hush Benjamin. Tehehe.

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