Weight Loss. My Story.

Weight Loss.


I don’t know if you realise this readers… My friends & colleagues do. I talk a lot. Mainly a lot of rubbish. However I keep it very superficial – face value. My chat is always light & funny, making fun of myself as well as anyone who deserves it. This blog entry I thought I’d turn it a little personal. I hope you don’t mind. I’ll keep it short & sweet.

When I was younger. From the day I was born until I was 6 – I was tiny. Skin & bone. The only food I would eat was cheap white bread without the crust no spreads. Mashed potato – god forbid there were lumps in my mash. I would refuse to eat it. For my sweet tooth Whispers – loads of Cadburys Whispers. Occasionally I’d eat the smallest amount of roast beef or chicken – like a teeny tiny slice & it had to be covered in gravy otherwise it looked weird. The point I’m trying to make here – I was fussy.

When I was 6 a family moved into our neighbourhood. The family consisted of four children & they were not very nice. So much so my friends & I stopped playing outside. Around this time my parents also brought me a PlayStation & with my ADHD my Mom found it easier to keep me quiet by leaving me to drool in front of my games & stuff my face with Whispers. Needless to say by the time I hit seven my change of lifestyle meant I had piled on the pounds. Being an overweight child is not nice. I would pass this advice onto any parent – no matter how happy you want to make your child make sure they eat well & exercise. I was lucky enough not to get bullied because of my size. Turns out I was quite a funny child so my chubbiness went hand in hand with the comedy.

I stayed overweight for the rest of primary school, High School, College & until my third year at University. In total fifteen years of being overweight. Even when I turned Vegetarian when I was seventeen – I lost around a half a stone but that was nothing compared to the sixteen stone I already weighed. It was quite a silly reason why I turned Vegetarian – it was to impress a boy I fancied & when we started going out I had to carry on the lie. For inspiration I decided to watch a few PETA videos – that moment was life changing. My crush & I broke up a month after we started going out – but I’ve stayed Vegetarian since that day. I have a lot to thank him for.

Turning vegetarian at 17 meant I had to try vegetables. What shocked me the most – I enjoyed them but I still couldn’t help stuff my face with the sweet stuff. I went on fad diets, tried exercising. Nothing seemed to stick. I was useless. It was my fault.

In my second year of University I decided to stick it out. I went to the gym three times a week. Very slowly the weight was coming off. I had been going to the gym for a year & I had lost just one stone. Then something happened.

  • My personal life was all over the place. The relationship I was in was rocky, I wasn’t getting along with my family.
  • University was getting on top of me. I had a dissertation that I was struggling with & my main lecturer was little to no help. I had run out of student loan & I had no money.
  • If this wasn’t enough I had been rushed into hospital with what the Doctors thought was appendicitis.

Needless to say because of my ADHD – my anxiety was at an all-time high. I knew I needed a way out & it was going to be hard work. Firstly I decided I was going to live off £100 a month – which I did. I spent very little money on food – because spending time drinking with my friends was more important to me than eating. I walked everywhere – walking instead of getting a bus or taxi was money saved. I went from working at my part-time job one day a week to everyday I wasn’t at University. I spent my nights rewriting my dissertation because I was never happy with what I had just written. However burying myself in my work, dissertation, friends meant I could block out the terrible news I received from the Hospital a month after I was rushed in. I was told I had cysts on my ovaries. They were unlikely to ever go & would cause me a large amount of pain a few times a year because of infections. I also have a reduced chance of being able to have children of my own.

I had a lot of stress & it showed. I went from fifteen stone to a healthy ten & a half stone in an unhealthy three months.

Firstly that is not a good amount of weight to lose in such a short period of time. I didn’t even realise I was losing weight – my clothes didn’t fit anymore but my life was snowballing so much I didn’t pay any attention. I looked ill, I was always tired & my anxiety was getting the better of me.

In January 2011 I finished University, my relationship troubles cleared away & even though my parents & I don’t see eye to eye I learnt to understand why. I decided not to go to the hospital to get the final answer regarding my chances of one day being able to get pregnant. I have come to the conclusion I will find that out by myself when or if the time comes. I still had money issues. I picked up an extra part time job & continued to live off £100 a month until I had enough money to move out into a rented apartment in town with my best friend. That’s when it hit me. I was moving house & I was having a massive clear out. I tried on all my clothes & everything that didn’t fit got thrown out. I ended up taking five outfits to my new pad.

Three years on & I’m still living in my lovely apartment. I have always struggled to keep off the weight but it’s easier now. I love all vegetables. I exercise three times a week. Either going to the gym or running. In 2014 I completed two 10k runs & a half marathon – all for charity.

September 2014 I was still 10 and a half stone & I decided I would turn my life around. I would switch to a Gluten-Free Vegan lifestyle. Six months in & Sunday I weighed myself & the scales read nine stone three. My life long goal was to weight nine & a half stone. My new Gluten-Free Vegan lifestyle has helped me achieve this. I’ve had my ups & downs. Going out for food can sometimes be tricky, friends can often moan & Christmas I managed to put on half a stone. However I have realised the places I eat are often quite nice & if I explain my dietary needs they’ll be able to make something. Plus it’s always a treat to try something new. If my friends have such a problem with it then are they really my friends. Christmas is Christmas it was worth the extra half a stone & it’s gone now.

I want to share my journey because I have shared a lot on this blog. Including my first month of being a Gluten-Free Vegan. I also wanted to say thank you for the support I have received from the special people in my life. Finally I want people that are struggling with weight loss or a dietary change (whether it’s for health reasons or animal/planet reasons) to hopefully take something away from reading this. Please lose weight safely – take care of yourself, pay attention to yourself & your body. In the end it’s worth it. Even if I still have a little bit of a gut, bumps in the right places & a constant craving for larger portions & dark chocolate. I’m okay with that. I love my body, my lifestyle & especially the food I eat.

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