The Little Things Mean Big Things When You’re A Little Gluten-Free Vegan Girl.


When you have a massive change in your diet there are aspects of your life that make you so happy – that others – the norms – the mudbloods – those kinds of people often take for granted

Here are a few I experience.

When Nakd Bars bring out a new bar – they advertise it on Twitter but it’s months until it comes into your local health store. When it does it’s so worth it.

Realising you can eat bigger portions of food – because when you have a giant plate of vegetables & it’s the same amount of calories & less fat than your friends four chicken nuggets.

When your favourite alternative to milk is on sale at £1 & you bulk buy enough for 2 months. Usually the next time it’s on offer.

Meeting a stranger when you’re drunk on a night out & finding out they’re also Gluten-Free & Vegan & deciding right there and then that you are going to be best friends for the rest of your lives.

Finding Free From baked goods that are normally packed with wheat, milk & eggs that are Gluten-Free & Vegan. Not just one or the other.

Finding out some of your favourite celebrities are doing something to help animals. Simon Amstel, Russell Brand are two of mine.

Seeing adverts for your favourite Gluten-Free Vegan noms. Then putting them at the top of your next shopping list.

Finding out your favourite brand of nail varnish is Cruelty-Free.

Equally as good when you find out that the foundations that you need in your life are also Cruelty-Free.

Having friends over for dinner & they are surprised at how tasty the food you make is. We flavour our food – just like how you guys marinate meat.

Finding Vegan Cheese that melts & is stringy too.

Finding Gluten-Free Vegan Easter Eggs/Advent Calendars & dying a little bit of happiness… Is it sad to buy yourself your own Easter Egg?

Eating lunch at work & the massive carnivore next to you is jealous of your lunch but confused that it’s not just leaves.

When your friends go out of their way to make you a Gluten-Free Vegan meal just because they want to have you round & how nervous they are before you take the first bite.

Finding new documentaries on NetFlix that reflect you dietary life-style. Then raving about them to everyone in ear shot.

Going to a restaurant & seeing more than one option & being tempted to order all of them because you’re not used to so much choice.

Planning & saving for a trip to Wholefoods & when you get there you are like a child in a sweet store.

Using the Happy Cow App to find Vegan places when you’re visiting a new place. You’ll end up getting lost & it’ll feel like you’ve trekked for miles. When you see that V sign it’s like heaven.

When you take a picture of the food you’ve made from a A Gluten-Free-Vegan cookbook & the author retweets it. It’s like I’m almost famous!


These are just a few I deal with. If you would like to share any Twit me & I’ll add them!

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