Happy World Egg Day!

It’s the tenth of October! Everyone knows about the magically tenth of October. It’s that day we prepare for every year; I have a count down on my phone. Every morning I wake up – in anticipation for World Egg Day… What do you mean you didn’t know it was World Egg Day..? It’s up there with National Hand Washing Day & World Toilet day – for your information these are next week!

World Egg Day – I know what everyone is thinking. How can a Vegan celebrate World Egg day? Easily is the answer. Let me tell you. Let’s talk eggs!

Alternative Protein Sources – nuts especially almonds, lentils, tofu, beans. Make sure to have a mixture of different proteins s different foods contain different types.

Alternative for Rising – self-rising flour (gluten-free of course), baking powder, lemon juice mixed with bicarbonate of soda.

Alternatives for Binding – mashed bananas, apple sauce, soya yogurts, silken tofu, potato starch, potato flakes, corn starch, corn flour, cooked red lentils, grounded flax seeds or linseeds all work in baked goods. Soy flour & oats can be used in savoury or fake meat mixtures.

These are a few recipe books I’ve added to my Christmas List for Santa. I have been recommended the first two. However Ms Cupcakes recipe book I saw at VegFest & I am so annoyed at myself for not buying it! It looks amazing – so that one is on top of my book list. Santa, if you can hear me over all your little elfies working their socks off – I’ve been especially good this year so please, please, please make sure I get this one!

Decadent Gluten-Free Vegan Baking – Cara Reed

Rawsome Vegan Baking – Emily Von Euw

Ms Cupcake: The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town – Mellissa Morgan

There are also brands that make egg replacement such as Ener-G & Bob’s Red Mill. However I haven’t tried these yet – so don’t take my word for it. When I do I’ll make sure to share.

However definitely experiment to see what works best – I found mashed up banana worked really well in my brownies – but didn’t work with my coconut bread or my ginger bread loaf – instead soya yogurt worked a treat.

Are eggs bad for your health/diet? – They are high in cholesterol. A large egg contains around 185 mg of cholesterol. Most people are recommended to have 300 mg per day, so one large egg is quite a lot! Now don’t get me wrong I know eggs can have health benefits & eating anything in moderation is usually fine. However have you ever considered where you are getting your eggs from? Buying eggs from caged hens is a terrible thing. They are kept in cages, no space to move, this leads the hens into a destructive nature, fighting with neighbouring caged hens. Or sending them into repetitive behaviours such as feather pulling. Often hens can die in their cages, because of poor hygiene or damaged cages which they get stuck on. These dead hens can be left which in turn stresses the other hens & leads to more hygiene problems.

I’ve done a lot of research into eggs – a book I would really recommend is Eating Animals – Jonathan Safran. This is one of the first animal/vegan related books I read & gosh did it shock me. I would rather you find out the information for yourself- make up your own mind if you haven’t already. I’ve given you a starter pack of information. If you want to find out more about the eggs you’re eating – all you need to do it google it, however Safrans words I recommend highly – it’s not all doom & gloom, he tells an interesting story. Let him blow your mind like he did with mine.

Now. Let’s get chipper. I’m all about being chipper. Don’t get thinking ‘because I’m vegan I can enjoy these egg replacements in baking & cooking. But I can’t enjoy a good old omelette & don’t get me started on scrambled egg with my cooked breakfast.’ Hold up! It’s World Egg Day & I am going to eat my eggy substitute! Last night for dinner I enjoyed scrambled egg with onions, peppers, courgette & plenty of Sheese. I looked at a few recipes & got an idea of what I was going to cook up. I used Tofu & haricot beans to create the scrambled egginess. It didn’t look much like scrambled egg – in fact it didn’t look great at all. I really wasn’t sure about what concoction I had made. I plated up – side salad, houmous & a Gluten-Free roll. Took my first bite. Oh. My. Fudge. It was amazing. It was scoffed in seconds. I was ridiculously chuffed with myself. Over the moon.

For dinner tonight – I was feeling pretty confident after last night’s success. I decided to rustle up an omelette. Left over tofu, almond milk & a blender. I had faith this was going to go well. It did. I can’t get over how simple this was. I think that’s what shocks me the most sometimes. How easy it is to be Vegan & Gluten-Free. The eggy recipes are added to the recipe list. Go Vegan crazy for World Egg Day! Anything is possible!

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