My Choice Is Made.

Hello again… Thought you’d got rid of me? Unfortunately not. I’m still about you lucky little fudge bites. However now my challenge is over I’ll be blogging less often & instead with a subject in mind rather than day to day life. Unless I take on another challenge – I have a few in mind that I need to look into.

We haven’t spoken for seven whole days – that’s a week. I think the break has done us the world of good to be honest. I don’t want us to get bored of each other. Let me fill you in on what has happened since day thirty – the last day of my challenge. It’s strange when you get into a comfortable routine to break out of it – especially when it involves food. Why? Probably because food is such a massive part of everyday life.

Wednesday I had Grazes La Peaches Provencal for breakfast -which contained gluten. I didn’t feel ill, however the amount of gluten was incredibly low. I had my breakfast with Rebel Kitchen Chai Mylk. This milk is amazing & so very tasty. I bought three cartons from VegFest – I have one left & I’m going to miss it when it’s gone. Lunch was salad & another amazming purchase from VegFest; Great Food Sweet Potato Pakora. A wonderful breakfast & lunch. Dinner was a’ treat night’ with a couple of chums to say ‘well done on completing your challenge – here’s gluten & dairy’. I had a pizza from Papa Johns. The doughiest & cheesiest pizza around. I had this in my mind all day – not sure how I felt about eating dairy & wheat again. It didn’t really want to eat it, it seemed like I was cheating & all my hard work had gone to waste. When I got home I was starving & I knew I had to eat this pizza because I wanted to see the outcome. I wanted to see truly how I felt.

The pizza came & I took a bite. I’m not going to lie to you – it tasted great. I ate it all – it took a while because it was so filling – but nonetheless it stood no match for a food pervert. However once I’d eaten it I felt cheated. Rubbishy. Again like I’d failed my challenge – even though I’d passed with flying colours & this was my reward. I shouldn’t have felt like this!

Morning came – gosh did I feel terrible. My stomach was not happy with me. It gurgled all morning, it made eating breakfast & lunch quite challenging – however both meals were Gluten-Free & Vegan – in fact it was ‘World Kale Day’ & I treated myself to a new soup – ‘Green Arrow Souper Hero’. Lots of kale to celebrate such a healthy day. The recipe has been added to my pages – it was extremely tasty, full of good stuff & low in calories.

That evening our friends Gee & I had round for dinner were repaying the favour & having us for dinner. Three course of cheese & gluten & plenty of wine. Food, company & wine were all amazing – in fact the lasagne was probably the tastiest veggie lasagne I have ever had & Jess’ homemade cheesecake was a taste sensation. However the morning after I felt even worse – not hungover. It was a food stomach ache. There & then I decided I would be Gluten-Free & Vegan for the day. The next morning? I woke up pain free.

Are you seeing a pattern? The first one is pretty obvious – whenever I ate dairy or gluten for dinner the next morning I would feel quite rotten. The second – less obvious; the meals I had made for myself all of them were Vegan & one out of three contained gluten.

As I said – Saturday I woke up feeling fine. I treated myself to my first ever homemade ‘Overnight Oatmeal’ – recipe to be added soon. My parents came down to Worcester to visit me. We decided to go for lunch at a very nice pub called The Phasent – it specializes in Gourmet Burgers. The Vegetarian option was a Mexican Bean Burger with Cream Cheese & Cheddar. My fudge – was my Dad surprised when I asked for it without the cheeses. ‘But you love cheese’ he was gob smacked. ‘Yeah… I know, but I just don’t feel like it anymore’. It obviously came in a bun. It was at that point I made my choice. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

Sitting in this old quirky pub, parents next to me, music playing, nice half a cider in one hand & the menu in the other. ‘I’m going to be Vegan… If I don’t want to eat cheese then why should I? I love cheese – I know it tastes amazing… But if I don’t want to eat it then maybe I should take this opportunity while I can. I’m already in this routine. Why change it?’ Great -so that was one half decided. Now the other challenge; ‘Do I want this burger without the bun? Not really… Do I want a Gluten-Free life style? Well yes actually I do. However I don’t want to stop enjoying my food.’

So there we have it. I’m Vegan – I’ll shout it from the roof tops, scream it out loud. I AM A VEGAN. When I write this I have a little smile on my face – so it must be the right decision. As for gluteny things – I didn’t feel ill after eating that burger bun. I felt bloated – but I was absolutely fine. Going forward I will not buy gluten products to eat at home. However when I go out for meals or go round to my friend’s house for dinner – I understand cooking for both food conditions can be taxing & not all restaurants cater for this. If there is a gluten-free option – that is also vegan – I will always opt for it. Vegan comes first, Gluten-free second, as long as I’m always happy it’ll be perfect.

I decided to celebrate my choice – Saturday night was ‘World Taco Day’ I made a very tasty vegetable taco. Totally Gluten-Free & Vegan – the recipe has been uploaded. Sunday I carried on celebrating I had more ‘Overnight Oatmeal’ this time a nutty version – recipe to be uploaded soon. I made Gluten-Free Vegan Ginger Bread & Spicy Butternut Squash Soup. Both of these dishes were amazing. The Ginger Bread is my favourite breakfast at the moment. Both recipes have been uploaded. I challenge you to make the Gingerbread Loaf any better – it is perfect.

So there you have it. My choice. Vegan & mostly Gluten-Free. I say this with a smile on my face – I hope you’re proud of me.



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