Thirty – The Last Gluten-Free Vegan Day?

Today is the last day of my challenge – I decided for breakfast I’d finish how I started. Clearspring Rice Cakes – this time with Blackcurrant Jam & Meridian Almond Butter. As always, it was a delightful flavour combination.

Clearsprings Rice Cakes

Lunch was great – equally as great, if not better, than breakfast. More reasons to fuel my new Gluten-Free Vegan lifestyle. I had a tasty salad with Tesco Red Pepper Houmous. However, what made it amazing was one of my purchases from VegFest. Great Food Punchy Sweet Potato Pakora ( Oh. My. Fudge! They were amazing – they went so well with the spicy houmous. I popped them in the microwave – just to warm them through. Then I heard a voice ‘has someone got curry? It smells amazing!’  No one answered – I paused, looked around – ‘I think that might be mine’. I explained what I had been warming up. I told them about the all the other amazing samples Great Foods Products were giving out. I also went into great depth about Vegfest as a whole. The chocolate treats, the wide selections of alternatives to milk – including Rebel Kitchen ( – their Chai Milk is a favourite of mine at the moment. The wide range of pressed nut & fruit bars, cheese – my new found love for Vegusto ( The amazing Raw Pizza I purchase from Paradise Unbaker ( I think more than anything my frolleagues were shocked by the range of foods on offer. After I finished raving about Vegfest, I returned to my lunch – I inhaled it as it was so delicious.  I had half the packet & I had to hide the other half out of sight so I didn’t scoff the whole lot. Instead, I get to look forward to tomorrow’s lunch. Same again. Lucky little me.

Great Food Punchy Sweet Potato PakoraGreat Food Punchy Sweet Potato Pakora

What is lunch without after lunch treats? Obviously I had some lovely fresh fruit – but I was very much looking forward to my new Nakd bar. I know it’s a little early for Christmassy things – but I couldn’t resist. This one was a good one – it truly tasted like Christmas had exploded in my mouth. I love everything Christmassy & now I have something else to look forward to come December time. Nakd Christmas Pud bars in stores.

Nakd Christmas Pud

I had a great day at work. Everything went ridiculously well. I had a smile on my face – I think it’s because I’d had such a wonderful weekend – filled with good food, friends, Vegfest, Borough Market – the joys of my weekend were endless & had kept me happy until Tuesday.

Veggie & Tofu Skewers

Dinner time – I had been planning it all day. Italian skewers with leek spaghetti. I grabbed a selection of vegetables, my last cubes of tofu & ordered them onto the sticks. I had to do each stick the same – I have what’s known as veggie skewer OCD. Then, I sliced leeks long ways & lightly fried them while I boiled Tesco Gluten-Free Tagliatelle. Once all was cooked, I mixed the pasta & the leeks together with tomato puree, placed the veggie skewers on top & covered in Sheese Strong Cheddar. It was a dinner that fitted well with my wonderful day. Mixing the leeks with the pasta meant I didn’t use as much pasta – a great healthier substitution. The veggies & tofu were perfectly crispy. The cheese – well it’s not the best Sheese I have tried so far. It doesn’t melt & it’s got a slightly odd texture but it tastes nice.

Veggie & Tofu Skewers

My housemate had created something extra special just for me. She had baked Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies. I had it warm & made it extra chocolaty by covering it with Alpro Devilishly Dark Chocolate Yoghurt. You can’t get much chocolatier than that. It was so nice for her to make me such a delightful dessert – considering she’s not Gluten-Free or Vegan. Even my bunny treated herself to a nibble when she thought I wasn’t looking. Cheeky little minx.

Peanut Butter Choclate BrowniePeanut Butter Choclate Brownie

So that’s it. I won’t be eating anything else today – I am truly stuffed. Tomorrow is the first of October – free of my challenge. I don’t know how I feel about this. Melancholy would probably be the best way to describe my feelings. I have discussed my decision with friends, families & frolleagues and I came to what I believe to be a very apt conclusion. Tomorrow is International Vegetarian Day. I am going to go back to eating gluten & being Vegetarian. The main reason behind this – I want to see how it makes me feel. If I don’t go back, I will never know if being vegan is the right choice for me & I will always question it. I want to find out if it makes me feel groggy, ill & lethargic. I also have cheeses left that I purchased in Rotterdam as well as quite a few chocolates containing milk & some gluteny biscuits. I would rather eat these than throw them away. I have already purchased them – so it’s pointless wasting them.

On the first of November, it is International Vegan day. Therefore – I’m sure you will be glad to hear – I have a month to consume my non-vegan products. I will not be purchasing anything non-vegan throughout October. On International Vegan day, I will have no more dairy or egg products in my life & I will become Vegan. Or how I will be referring to myself as VeganFoLyfe – because I’m down with the kids.

As for a Gluten-Free lifestyle – that’s a whole different story. At this point in my life, I don’t think I’m ready for this challenge. Taking on two big lifestyle choices at once – for what I hope will be for the rest of my life – is too much for me. Therefore, I have created two days for myself. ‘Gluten-Free Mondays’ & ‘Wheat-Free Wednesdays’. I know Wednesday’s name has a much better ring to it than Monday’s. I’m working on it. My view – a little bit at a time often works out better.

I would like to thank everyone that has helped & supported me thoughout this challenge – friends, family & frolleagues. I have grown as a person & my eyes have been opened to many new food experiences. You’ll also be happy to hear, this isn’t the end of Food Pervert. I have other challenges lined up. I have recipes to write & food achieves to complete. I’ll make sure to keep you updated. Remember don’t stop sniffing food before eating or instead of eating it… it really is worth it…


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