Twenty Nine – The End Is Nigh.

One day left of my Gluten-Free Vegan Challenge. It blows my mind how quick this month has gone. I’ve asked myself a lot of questions as well as coming up with a lot of different conclusions. However let’s forget about that for now & consider all the foods today has to offer.

Breakfast was the last portion of Babs’ homemade Cinnamon Bread; I had it with Strawberry Jam rather than Peanut Butter – this is probably the first time in my life I would pick to have Jam over Peanut Butter.


Cinnamon Bread Cinnamon Bread

I polished off my last giant mug of Rude Health Oat Milkadded bananas obviously. As I was doing so I was very anti-social at the dining table – checking out Rude Health’s Website. Rude Health reminds me a little of Kallo. In my opinion it’s great to have more options. Their website explains they use nothing artificial or refined. Food is made out of food not thickeners, colourings, flavouring & preservatives. The best bit about it is everything I’ve tried by them so far tastes amazing! Isn’t it great when healthy food is delicious? They also have lots of great recipes – I want to make their Vanilla Frozen Chai & Chocolate Quinoa Bircher.

Borough Market

Today was a rainy day to be in London as Bab, Ben & I headed to Borough Market ( a popular food market in London. Lots of great food stalls, catering for lots of different people. The location is awesome – extremely Hipster – a great vibe & an interesting place to hang out & people watch. The food on offer was amazing. So many different cuisines, all fresh & great smelling. The fruit & vegetable stalls were so colourful – it looked like art. I tried to stay away from the bread & cheese stalls. I looked from a distance. They looked brilliant. Maybe next time I’ll come down & treat myself to a baguette.

Borough MarketBorough MarketBorough Market Borough MarketBorough Market

We then headed over to my favourite spot in London – Brick Lane ( Babs & I were pretty hungry. Usually Babs & I go to the Twenty-Four Hour Bagel Store – we have a crème cheese bagel & then we head to the markets for a pastry that takes our fancy. Those were obviously no goes – she recommended Leons (  I really enjoyed Leonsas soon as I saw the place I knew I’d like it. It had an interesting look & the menu looked healthy & interesting. I had the Sweet Potato Falafel Hot Box – hold the dressing it wasn’t vegan. With Leon Baked Fries & a Banana & Cinnamon Milk Free Shake. It was amazing. It came in quirky recyclable boxes, covered in stickers & cool graphics. Most importantly everything tasted amazing. The fries especially – I haven’t had tasty fries for some time now. It felt like I was cheating – but I really wasn’t. Who knew fast food could be so nutritious & delicious.


We ventured down Brick Lane – checking out the Vintage stores obviously. Bought some classic clothes. I saw an amazing chocolate shop – Dark Sugars ( The aroma when you walked past was wonderful. I don’t know why but I went in & I’m glad I did. In the corner there was a Vegan Tree, filled with truffles I could treat myself to. ‘Proper’ good quality chocolate – my favourite. I had one of each. They are ridiculously tasty. I was full of lovely food, shopped out & very content.

Babs & I headed back to hers. I packed up all my goodies I’d bought over the last few days & reminisced about the great times I’d had. Seeing friends, my bestie Babs of course, Harvest E 8 & Wholefoods, Vegfest, Borough Market, Brick Lane & all the great Vintage stores London has to offer. So much to pack into a weekend. What a wonderful weekend. I hugged Babs & Ben goodbye & headed to Victoria Coach Station. To start my five & a half hour journey back home to good old Worcester. I’m an hour & a half in & I’ve just finished eating left over Thai Green Vegetable Curry with Beetroot Rice Babs & I made the night before. It was like eating a takeaway – but better – less greasy.

Tomorrow is my last Gluten-Free Vegan day. I have the rest of my four hour journey to think about what the future holds for me. What I plan on doing? Is Vegan an option – am I going to miss cheese too much? How will I cope when people bring treats into work? How about going Gluten-Free? Can I really afford that as part of my life style? Will my friends get fudged off with me if I bring all these problems to the dinner table? Will I eventually get bored? I didn’t when I became Vegetarian eight years ago – but is this different? I honestly don’t know… I’ve got a pretty empty three hours of sitting on a coach to really think this… Oh the joys.


      1. It’s a long story! I’ve added a link here so you can read my gluten free journey if you’d like 🙂
        The final push I needed was reading the book called Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis. It’s a great read, if you haven’t read it already!


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