Twenty Eight – VegFest.

This morning was more Cinnamon Bread – I split it with Babs – obviously this means I had less – which meant I could have something else a little extra. I heated up Rude Health Oat Milk & then sliced up a banana & left it for ten minutes so the flavours mixed. I covered my hot Cinnamon Bread with Sunpat Peanut Butter & there I had the breakfast of champions.

Cinnamon Bread

After such a great start to the day I knew things could only get better. They did. Babs & I headed over to Vegfest ( I’ve been to quite a few food festivals in my time. This one being the first ever Vegan Festival – the range of foods, delights & activities were amazing. This is the second year that VegFest has been hosted at Olympia. It is already know as one of the top Vegan events in Europe. There were over two hundred stalls, talks, performances, music, children’s activities & food & plenty of chocolate.

What did I buy? What didn’t I buy? I bought an amazing selection of Coconut Milks, from KoKo ( & great tasting Chai Milk from a comapny called Rebel Kitchen ( Coffee Chocolate, Chocolate shaped like Doctor Who characters (I know right – what a geek), plenty of Sheese. The new Nakd BarChristmas Pud, Clearspring Oil, sugar almonds. Great Food UK ( had the best falafels I have ever tasted in my life. A VGN Fuelled By Compassion tank top & I signed up for a year subscription to Vegan Life. We also got loads of freebees – beetjuice, pickled beetroot, pickled red cabbage & granola. I found the cheesiest Vegan cheese ever – by a company called Vegusto ( It’s a little expensive even though it was on offer. After I tasted it I had to buy some. If you can find this I’d recommend you try it. The hall was packed, entertainment & goodies everywhere– here are a couple of pictures I took throughout the day.



What I liked most about this festival was how friendly everyone was – sellers would tell you everything about the products they were selling they were so passionate. They were happy to be there & welcomed any questions. Fellow festival attenders ranged from so many different types of people. Don’t get me wrong there were a couple of ‘classic hippies’ around, but there were children, older people, families & couples, groups of friends, anyone & everyone. It was great to think that so many people had come to such a great day. What I did wonder ‘is everyone here truly a Vegan?’ I bet they weren’t… Babs isn’t Vegetarian. She’s very open to Vegetarianism – she’s had to put up with me for six years. Also I’m not a Vegan, at the moment this is still a month’s challenge. However it does fuel me to carry on. I bet there were quite a few people there today that are meat eaters. I wonder if they have had their opinions changed. Vegan is a possibility – for me as well as anyone who’s up for the challenge.

A lot of the items there today were also Gluten-Free. Even better. Loads of great things to try. Samples everywhere – enticing me to spend my money – which I did. The first thing I consumed was a refreshing coconut. Just a giant coconut with a straw & for lunch I had a slice of raw pizza from Paradise Unbaker ( The base was seeds & tomatoes & the toppings were pesto & fresh veggies. It was amazing – like nothing I’ve ever tried before. Ridiculously fresh. I wish I could make raw food taste just as good.

Me At VegFestMe At VegFest

I was so full of food & looking forward to reviewing all my new treats, when I got back to Babs’ I looked at all my goodies & I felt content, happy & satisfied. Then it was time to make dinner. Babs & I were cooking for her boyfriend Ben, his friend Alex & ourselves obviously. Poppadum’s to start with avocado salad with the left over Wholefoods Mango Salsa. This salsa is amazing – the perfect mixture of sweet, spicy & yellow. Main was Vegetable Thai Green Curry. The veggies involved were onion, peppers, courgette, aubergine & coconut. With sticky beetroot rice. Dessert was Babs’ homemade apple crumble with whipped cream. Talk about getting your five a day – there’s at least ten right there. Of course everything was Gluten-Free, Vegan & delicious. Best part about it – there is so much left over I have a portion for my journey home tomorrow. Lucky me!

Right now I’m lying in my temporary bed with a cup of Vanilla Red Bush Latte – with Rude Health Oat Milk. Tomorrow I am heading over to Borough Market – another exciting food shop. More treats to buy – additional things to stuff my face with. The way I’m going I’ll have so much Gluten-Free & Vegan goodies I’ll be able to carry on this life-style well until Christmas – that or I’ll eat it all in a short amount of time & I’ll be a right little fatty!


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