Twenty Seven – Besties Make The Best Cinnamon Bread.

Babs had really gone to town on breakfast. My bestie really look out for me. She had made – from scratch Cinnamon Bread & it was amazing! I had it with Strawberry Jam! Yum! I’ve asked her for the recipe so I’ll definitely add it for anyone to try & mainly so I can make it myself when I’m back home.

Cinnamon BreadCinnamon Bread

Breakfast over & I had a little spare time while Babs’ was showering – I decided to look into more Gluten-Free Vegan ideas. I found this YouTube clip from which gave me great inspiration ( I’m definitely going to try the overnight oatmeal at some point. It looks delicious.

Full tummed & ready for the day Babs & I headed out shopping. Of course we did a little clothes shopping – but I won’t bore you this that. Food is the subject! The first foody shop we headed to was Harvest E 8 ( I found the Meridian Bars I’ve been searching for – I can’t wait to try them. If they are anything like their Butters I’ll be addicted in no time.  Babs & I also purchased Gluten-Free Vegan Marshmallows, dark chocolate & Clearsprings Plain Rice cakes. These ingredients would later be used to make Rocky Road. I also bought & had for lunch Everfresh Bakery Rye Sourdough & Co Yo Coconut Milk Yogurt – both had been recommended to me. I’m not sure what I think of the Rye Sourdough. I’ll have to give it another try. However the yogurt was amazing – if not quite expensive for such a little pot.

Rye SourdoughCo Yo

Then we headed to Wholefood. It’s about a seven minute walk from Babs’ I was so jealous. I would love to live that close to a Wholefoods. I bought Rude Health Oat Milk – I plan to have banana milk tomorrow breakfast. Babs & I were making dinner this evening & I had purchased Sheesly Vegan Cheese for our dinner. Babs & her boyfriend Ben are both pretty big cheese fans – so I was intrigued to see their opinions. Dinner tonight was Grill Mediterranean Veggies & Date Quinoa Medley. Topped with the Vegan cheese & Wholefoods Mango Chutney salad. The meal itself went down really well. There were mixed opinions on the cheese. I guess when you’re a cheese fanatic like Babs you only want for the best – I can’t really blame her.

The Rocky Road was for dessert – it was so easy to make. Melted chocolate, crumbled up rice cakes, marshmallows & we even threw in the left over dates for the extra chewiness. All in all today was a great day for trying new foods. I hope Babs & Ben thought the same. I doubt they’ll be rushing out to buy any Vegan Cheese anytime soon.

Grill Veggie QuinoaGrill Veggie QuinoaGluten-Free Vegan Rock Road


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