Twenty Six – Happy International Hug A Vegan Day.

HUG ME! I’M VEGAN! I got so many hugs today, mainly because I shouted ‘hug me’ at people, friends, colleagues, strangers in the street. I pretty much treated today like a birthday – lots of Gluten-Free Vegany treats for me!

I had two slices of Coconut Bread for breakfast – not really much of a treat as they were on the verge of going stale. But they were the last pieces so they had to be demolished. A mixture of jammy, nutty, & seedy toppings as usual; I like my breakfast being an arrangement of colours.

Coconut Bread & All The Toppings

Then my frolleague, Emma, & I were sent on a horrible work task. We work on an industrial estate – there is a greasy spoon type café. We had to order 52 greasy, meaty, wheaty breakfast sandwiches. Being in there wasn’t great – we came out & both smelt like we’d been dipped in the oil they fried the sausages in. Yes you read that correctly – fried sausages. I mean is that normal?

Julies Cafe

Lunch was my last portion of Carby Curry which I had frozen after I cooked it up. I do this a lot; my own little version of a ready meal or a ‘just in case lunch’ – it always comes in handy. This was followed by The Redwood Co Wot No Dairy Yogurt. I really like food & it’s a struggle to find something I don’t like… But this was horrible – it tasted off even though it was very much in date & it smelt like play dough. It’s rare for me to throw food away – I hate waste, but two spoonfuls & this went straight in the bin. Not recommended.
The Redwood Co

The taste of gone off play dough really lingered. I drank a lot of coffee in hope this would shift it. It kind of worked… Then I had something I knew I’d enjoy – a new Nakd bar. Have you noticed my obsession with these lovely little bars? Today I had Cocoa Crunch. This one was good – not too chocolatey, just enough to tackle my sweet tooth & help me forget about my disappointing play dough yogurt.

Nakd Cocoa Crunch

Have you heard of timehop? It’s an app & I check mine most days – it shows you what you posted on Facebook or Twitter this day on years gone by. It’s ever so interesting. This time two years ago my best friend Babs & I were in Birmingham, soon to be catching a flight to France. I was eating a halloumi toasty followed by Krispy Kremes. Foods that I love & right now I can’t have. In fact if I stay vegan food I’ll never have again. Plus while I was in France I ate a lot of bread, pastries & cheeses, so there’s a lot more food related time hops I’m not looking forward to this weekend. It made me a little sad, so as always I pushed it out of my memory. If I don’t think about it I don’t have to deal with it.

Time Hop

As I have already mentioned I made my way down to London tonight to visit Babs. I got home from work, played with my bunnies, packed & left. So dinner had to be super quick. I opted for two slices of Wholefoods Seeded Bread with Meridian Peanut Butter. Followed by a couple of handfuls of mixed nuts. Not exactly the most nutritious or filling meal – but a favourite quick meal of mine. When I got to Dalston Kingsland I walked through the high street & the smells of foods that tempted my taste buds were ridiculous. Pizza places, restaurants with outside seating. It was tough. However I came to the conclusion thst not eating tonight means I’m allowed to eat more this weekend. Wholefoods, Vegfest, Harvest, Borough Food Market. Watch out. I’m coming & I’m going to eat loads!


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  1. Haha as if they sent you guys to do our dirty work!
    They fry things in a weird way there – I’ve seen them deep fry bacon and eggs… which in my book isn’t normal and doesn’t really taste amazing either.


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