Twenty Five – Hangover Three.

In my opinion – or for me at least. There are three different types of hangovers.

  • Hangover one – You wake up & you feel fine – you feel chipper. Life is good. Why don’t we drink every night?
  • Hangover two – You wake up feeling so rough, head pounding, stomach turning – the last thing you want to do is eat, drink, move – even thinking is too much to handle.
  • Hangover Three – You wake up feeling a little groggy, but fine & all you want to do is stuff your face with food. So much food.

Sometimes you can mix the hangovers, you can start off with hangover one & it turns into three. Hangover two can turn into one. One can turn into two. You get my drift… I only had one type of hangover today. Hangover three. I wanted to eat everything from the moment I woke up – considering how much food I consumed last night you wouldn’t think it was possible.

I had two breakfasts… Wholefoods Gluten-Free Seeded Bread – one half Blackcurrant Jam, the other Meridian Pumpkin Seed Butter. This was a new try for me – I liked it, it tastes very earthy & it’s extremely green but if you like pumpkin seeds you’ll love it. I do. My second breakfast was Coconut bread with Meridian Almond Butter. Great breakfast.


Pumpkin Seed Butter Meridian

Breakfast squared over & I was still hungry. So I had a banana, a nectarine & pistachios. All before 12.30 – what a fatty! Lunch was left over ‘Phoenix Surprise Soup’. I remembered to take a photo this time. It was spicier today – I really enjoyed it & sad to say it’s the last bowl.


I also wolfed down a new Nakd Bar, Ginger Bread this time. This one was good – but I am a big ginger fan & I know ginger is a required taste. I also had a plum & a pear. By this point I was satisfied. Not even 3pm & I’d had six of my ‘five a day’.

Nakd Ginger Bread

A colleague came over to my desk – mainly to tell me how hungover I looked. So nice. We somehow got on to the subject of food – probably because I was raving about how much I’d eaten. I showed him my food draw & all its healthy wonders. I also made him sniff all my Meridian Butters – Almond, Cashew Nut & Pumpkin Seed. I’m trying to spread the food sniffing perverseness so I don’t look so odd when I do it.

After all the cooking I had to endure last night my friends & I decided to treat ourselves to a meal out. We headed over to Thai Time in Worcester ( I had never been before but my friends had & they have raved about it. They have a wide range of vegetarian meals – lots of tofu. Plus served with rice & rice noodles for all my Gluten-Free delights.

I love Thai food – it’s in my top three favourite cuisines. Thai Time did not disappoint. Firstly I had a Thai Time Cocktail. I’m not sure what was in it – but it was lovely & fruity. Plus hair of the dog & all that. For starter I had Pak Satay – mixed vegetables skewers with peanut sauce. It was amazing – however cover anything in a peanut sauce & I’d fall madly deeply in love with it.

Thai Time Thai Time




Main was equally as great. Thai Green curry with tofu & mixed vegetables with coconut rice. I’m not sure what I think of tofu – I don’t have it often & I’ve only cooked it for myself once. Sometimes it’s delicious other times it kind of tastes of nothing & feels like I’m eating an old shoe. Nonetheless this time tofu got a big thumbs up & the curry was delicious & spicy.

Thai Time Thai Time

My Mother would be proud. I ate all my vegetables – practically licked my plate clean. I’ll definitely be heading back to Thai Time soon… Even if it has got an odd name.

Thai Time

Now I’m lying in bed with a hot cup of Chai Latte – Almond Milk obviously. Feeling sleepy after my busy week & looking forward to Friday – not only is it ‘International Hug a Vegan Day’ but at 4pm my weekend starts & I’m heading down to London. VegeFest, Food Markets, Wholefoods, friends & good times to be had. I can’t wait.



  1. Know what you mean about Tofu – sometimes it’s great, other times… not so much. I had a smoked one in my lunches this week and let’s just say, I’m in no hurry to use the other half of the pack! I think it’s just some flavours and preparations work better. It definitely had taste though, if that’s what you’re wanting!


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