Twenty Four – The Hostess With The Mostest

Right. As you should know by now I’m all about honesty. So let me be frank… I am writing this blog entry at 11.30pm – after one & a half bottles of red wine. So if it doesn’t read well I apologise. Let us begin…

Breakfast was so good yesterday I decided to do it again today. Not exactly the same – firstly I heated my Coconut Bread in the microwave a little too long so it was a slightly chewer. I decided to go for Meridian Hazelnut Butter & Jam. Mix it up a little.

Lunch was my last portion of Gardeners Pie – I thought as I would be serving soup tonight for starter I’d give it a miss for lunch. After lunch dessert was a Nakd Pecan Pie – you know what? I’m actually a little disappointed. The nutty Nakd bars have been my favourites so far. Don’t get me wrong it didn’t taste bad – it just wasn’t nutty enough. I couldn’t really taste the Pecans. Nakd Banana Bread & Nakd Cashew Cookie are still my favourites to far.

Nakd Pecan Pie

Let me tell you why I have had so much red wine. Today Gee & I hosted a Gluten-Free Vegan three course meal for our friends Niall & Jess. The soup was made – all I had to do was bake the potato slices to accompany it. I knew exactly what I was doing with the main. Roasted Risotto Stuffed Peppers. Gee had dessert covered. Wine had been purchased (by this point a glass had been drank), invites had been sent, table was set. Nothing could go wrong.

Starter – Phoenix Surprise Souper Hero & Baked Potato Slices. This orangey mixture contained roasted carrots & leeks, with fresh chilli & garlic. The potato slices were roasted in light olive oil & Fleur De Sel – a French salt. The soup tasted fresh, if a little too spicy. However I am a fan of spice – so for me it was perfect & the potato slices matched it well. Annoyingly I forgot to take a picture – however there is enough left for my lunch tomorrow. So if I’m not too hungover I’ll remember to snap it.

Main – Risotto Roasted Peppers. A selection of roasted peppers filled with leek, courgette, pepper & spinach risotto – topped with cheese & a balsamic fresh olive side salad. This was really good – every plate was emptied – a success. Niall & Jess couldn’t believe that there was such a thing as dairy-free cheese & they couldn’t tell the difference.

Roasted Peppers

Dessert – Dark Chocolate Nutty Fruity Disks with Ice Cream. Gee’s creation melted Green & Blacks 85% Dark Chocolate with a walnut & cranberry topping. Chilled until hard & served with Swedish Glace Vanilla Ice Cream. Again, everyone really enjoyed this & no one even questioned the ice cream being dairy-free. However by this point we were quite a few wine glasses in.

Choc Disks

Gee & I will make sure to add all the recipes – so please feel free to give them a try. I hope they taste amazing & it’s not just the alcohol talking. All in all the night was a success. Everything went down well – including the wine of course. So much wine. As I state at the beginning of this blog entry. I am writing this at 11.30 in the evening – full of great tasting food & a lot of lovely wine. So if this does not read well I apologise. If it’s any consolation I am not looking forward to tomorrow morning – my head will truly he sore.

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