Twenty Two – Biscuit Dreams

I had another food related dream last night. I dreamt that I was at an old fashioned children’s fate. There was a stall just filled with biscuits & no one was manning it. I was hunched over in front of the stall pushing biscuits into my mouth. One after another – not stopping to breath. Wheaty crumbs flying everywhere. My friend Will was their trying to pull me away – shouting that I was going to get in trouble. Instead I rammed more biscuits – Hobnobs, Custard Crème, Oreos into my giant mouth. I was getting fatter & fatter each time a biscuit went in. My clothes were ripping & fat bulges & muffin tops were popping out everywhere.

Then I woke up & I was really hungry. So odd… Have you ever seen the film Spirited Away? It was kind of like that. My friend trying to pull me away from food I was stealing. Instead of listening to his wise words I continued until it was too late – I turned into a fatty not so little piggy.

Spirited Away

Today was successful. Firstly because it’s weigh day. I now weigh a healthy nine stone two pounds. That is one & a half pound lose in a week. Secondly – I remember to take my lunch to work. Finally I got to eat my ‘Star Lord Soup’ – it did leak a little in my bag. I feel like this soup is pretty unlucky. However it was really tasty & just a little bit spicy, my frolleagues told me that it smelt good & smell counts for a lot. I also handed out a couple of slices of Coconut Bread – which went down really well – I enjoy testing my food out of guinea pigs.

Star Lord Soup

After lunch dessert was half a Honeydew Melon & another Nakd bar. A new one – Berry Delight & guess what it was in fact delightful. I think I’m going to be really disappointed if I find a Nakd bar I don’t like.

Nakd Berry

After lunch I was reminiscing about my dream & thought I’d share it with Will as he was such a good friend & had tried to save me. I think the dream stems from two facts.

  • One. I miss biscuits. I love biscuit dipped in tea & Gluten-Free biscuits aren’t the best for dipping – they’re a bit weak.
  • Two. Will is moving to France shortly to tackle a new career & maybe this dream symbolises me gorging myself in my life in Worcester when really I should be pulled away to sample new & exciting venture – like him.

It’s more likely to be the biscuits. I mean I love biscuits so much – I could easily eat a whole stalls worth of biscuits. Let’s not get too deep. Will enjoyed my dream & my interpretations & replied ‘Did you turn into a pig? I could do with some healthy food as I’m not feeling too good – can I come round for dinner?’

I racked my brain – Will will eat most things but he can be fussy at times. I decided to go for one of my own little recipe, my interpretation of Shepard’s Pie known as ‘Gardeners Pie’. Filled with vegetables & topped with plenty of sweet potato mash. I’d challenge anyone to make a meal that contained more vegetables per portions than this. I also bought Isabel’s Gluten-Free Yorkshire pudding mix. I googled that if you buy this product & use Almond Milk & leave out the egg it works just the same. It didn’t turn out well. It was like a gooey pancake. So I wouldn’t recommend using this unless you do use egg – but there must be a way to make Gluten-Free Vegan Yorkshire Puddings.

For dessert I tried a new Asda product Free-From Caramel Rice Squares – they were really tasty – kind of like really sugary Rice Crispy cakes with extra caramel. Will & I are full of good, healthy food & I even sent him home with my last portion of Carby Curry & Gardeners Pie. I’m a good friend & I wouldn’t want him to starve – it’s either that or I’m a feeder & want to make all my friends & frolleagues fat so I can be the slim one… Who knows?

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