Twenty One – My Bottomless Pit.

Today I did the Worcester City 10k Run ( Last time I ran 10k was in July – Race For Life & my time was one hour fifteen minutes. This time I completed the run in one hour ten minutes. I knocked off a whole five minutes. Well done me – considering I only have little legs I’m really pleased. Here is the proof & a picture of me looking pretty red & sweaty. Don’t judge how rough I look – please bare in my mind I’d just done rather a lot of running on quite a sunny day.

Worcester 10K RunWorcester 10K RunWorcester 10K Run

Before the run, I made sure to eat a massive chunk of banana bread – carbs & slow realise energy. Such a treat – I love this banana bread – this slice was my last. I’ll definitely be making more – I have uploaded the recipe – so please give it a go (

It was a good job I ate so much before the run because after I was starving & the goody bag contained an Alpine Summer Fruits Bar, Worcestershire Sauce – odd gift – but it is Worcester & a non-alcoholic beer. I don’t massively understand the point of non-alcoholic beer… Beer doesn’t taste great so why take out the only enjoyable part of it…  Maybe it’s just me. Nonetheless, these gifts did not fit in with my dietary requirements. Plus, the idea of cracking open the bar & dipping it in Worcestershire sauce wasn’t really appealing. However, this morning I’d thought ahead – I knew I’d need a pick me up after the run was over. I brought along an Almond Breeze Iced Cappuccino & polished it off. I love iced coffee & this gave me the energy to walk… crawl home.

Almond Breeze Cap

We popped into Holland & Barrett – they have a buy one get one half price offer on at the moment. I purchased so many Nakd bars, Cheezly Edam Cheese, Meridian Pumpkin Seed Butter, Meridian Almond Butter & White Bread Rolls. Tasty treats on offer – today was turning out to be a good day.

After stretching & showering, my friend Gee & I headed over to a Cafe close to where we live – Charlie’s Cafe Bar – a cute little place with tasty food ( I had a dirty Vegan Fry up – hold the fried bread. Gee had eaten about 3 mouthfuls in the time it took me to finish my plate. I pretty much hinged my mouth open & poured the contents of the plate directly down my throat. I could have easily had a second plate – I felt greasy, satisfied & happy. It was great – everything I wanted & needed.

Charlies Cafe Worcester

I love Charlie’s Cafe – it has been owned by the same family for twenty three years & has always catered for Vegetarians, Vegans & other intolerances & allergies. Perfect for me! However, I was still hungry & toying with the idea of ordering a second fry up. Instead I decided to purchase one of Charlie’s Cafes Shortbreads – Almond & Cranberry & head home. The shortbread was amazing & went so well with my pint of green tea.

Charlies Cafe Worcester

After all those calories I’d burnt off running, I was constantly hungry for the rest of the day. I couldn’t stop thinking about food. I even decided to clean my kitchen, bedroom & living room to try & take my mind off food I wanted to inhale. It worked for a little while. Then I decided to finish off my Wholefoods Giant Spicy Corn.

I also couldn’t stop googling recipes – this didn’t help. I found a couple of amazing blogs on Tumblr. So many things I wanted to make, master & stuff into my mouth right there & then. Check them out, let your mouth water & feel the suffering I felt earlier on this afternoon.

Still hungry. My stomach was like a bottomless pit. For dinner, I had more of my carby curry & brown rice. This time with fresh spicy poppadum’s – which I found in my cupboard when I was cleaning the kitchen & they’re Gluten-Free – bit of a lucky bonus.

Believe it or not after this my sweet tooth kicked in. I’m concerned I might have worms or I’ve eaten a black hole. Who knows? I honestly don’t think I’ve eaten so much food in one day before. For dessert, I treated myself to these lovely little bites. Lazy Day Foods Tiffin’s. They were so expensive – but they looked so good. I couldn’t resist & I’m glad this was the case. They were delicious.

Lazy Day Foods

All in all today has been a really good day for food & I’m very proud of myself for doing all the running. Tomorrow I’m hoping I will be feeling stuffed & maybe I’ll eat a little less to balance out what I have stuffed myself with today. Hopefully I’ll remember my lunch too – unlike Friday & I’ll actually get to try my Star Lord Soup.

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