Twenty – Carbs Carbs Carbs!

You’ll be glad to hear I was a lot less grumpy today – I didn’t have any grumpo’s for breakfast. In fact I skipped breakfast all together. I went straight for lunch at around 2pm. I had two slices of Wholefoods Seeded Bread – toasted – as always. One slice Medrian Peanut Butter the second Wholefood Brazil Nut Butter. Pretty similar to what I had for dinner last night

Since my 2pm breakfast I have been snacking on Wholefoods Giant Spicy Roast Corn. These are great, better than eating junky foods like crisps. However they are really addictive. I could easily eat a box in a couple of sittings. I’d end up looking like a giant corn – imagine that. It’s a good job I’m strong willed.


I am not sure if I mentioned this but tomorrow I am taking part in a 10k run ( I know I’m crazy right – I have too much energy. So today I needed to prepare my body – so missing breakfast was not a good idea, the bread for lunch was. I have a list of foods that are recommended before participating in a race. Due to this month’s challenge about a third of the list I can’t have.

I decided to do a little research into a Gluten-Free diets & running. This website is really interesting – if you are a serious running – for the record I’m not. If you are not coeliac gluten should be cut out slowly & planned out well replacing wheat products with plenty of fresh vegetables & stay away from refined carbs & fatty substitutes (


For dinner I made curry – from scratch. I made sure to throw in some complex carby ingredients. Broccoli, cabbage, chickpeas & baby corn. The base was lentils broken down into a sauce with soy milk. Plus plenty of brown rice & a Gluten-Free pita bread. Lots of good complex carbohydrates. Loads of food, I was so stuffed – it was really yummy too. Isn’t it great when you have something homemade, healthy & delicious?

Coconut Cake

It’s not very often I have a good reason to eat loads, I really enjoyed it. This meant I could have dessert & plenty of it. I got baking. I made Coconut Bread. It was amazing. Ideal for puddings & breakfast – with no added sugar, so kind of healthy, until I mixed it with Alpro Soya Dark Chocolate Yoghurt. I was really impressed & at this point I was super full of carby food. I have added the recipe, as well as some others that I promised I’d upload. Please let me know what you think & if you have any suggestions or improvements.

Coconut Cake

It’s a Saturday night. I’m lazing on the sofa & ready to watch Doctor Who. So there you have it – I’m not always out on the town, drinking my nights away. In all fairness the run starts at 9am, I don’t think I could handle running for an hour with a hangover. So I’m being sensible – an early night for me. Wish me luck for tomorrow.

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