Nineteen – The Grumps.

I forgot my food this morning. What a total idiot. So when I got to work I realised I pretty much had nothing. Annoyingly I put so much effort into making my ‘Star Lord Soup’. It looked amazing & I was really looking forward to it & I left it sitting in the fridge.

Luckily, I had a slice of my Wholefoods Seeded Bread left from the day before & I had left the Wholefoods Brazil Nut Butter in my draw. So breakfast was covered. We have two food vans that turn up to our office. Both provided sandwiches & pastries. Nothing that was suitable. Racking my brain & stressing, I wanted something healthy & substantial at lunch time so I wandered over to what I like to call ‘The Grease Van’. It’s a very fitting name. I explained my dietary needs & knew that I would be fine with a jacket potato – hold the butter. I asked which of their fillings would be suitable; the answer – baked beans. Not too bad. Not too unhealthy – however I did feel pretty greasy afterwards.

I did however have a little after lunch snack in my bag. Another Nakd bar. Today it was Cashew Cookie. I love this one – I love Cashews – they’re up there with bananas. I have yet to find a Nakd bar I don’t like.

Nakd cashew

When I started this blog I promised I would always be honest. Even if I slipped up – I’d admit it. Now don’t worry. I most certainly haven’t slipped up. I just felt very grumpy today. I’m not one for often discussing emotions. But there we have it, I said it, I was grumpy. Really grumpy. I’d eaten my grumpos for breakfast & turned into a big old grumpasarus. For reasons I won’t go into because quite frankly I’m not even sure. Forgetting my lunch didn’t really help matters either. I’m just in a bit of a rut. Strangely enough, when I got home I didn’t want to eat healthy, I didn’t really want to eat at all. Then when I did – I wanted to eat rubbishy things. All I could think about was inhaling dirty, greasy food. I hear a lot of people say that when they are not in a good state of mind it might be down to your diet. My diet is ridiculously good – I have a good balance of the healthy stuff, the occasional treat, I exercise & I’m an active person. However, it’s not often mentioned that your mood can affect what you want to eat – but it truly does. So it can be an endless circle of grump, pizza, moody, burger, misery guts, chippy.

I decided not to eat pizza, burger or chips. Instead I had two slices of Wholefoods Seeded Bread – toasted with Meridian Peanut Butter. Not too bad all things considered. Now I’m going to spend some much needed time with my friends. Relaxing & putting a smile back on my face. All in hope that tomorrow will be a brighter day & if not, by all means tell me to shut the fudge up moaning & get on with life. There are plenty of reasons to smile.


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