Eighteen – Happier & Healthier Me.

Last night I went to the cinema – I don’t really like to over watch trailers & read reviews before I have seen a film. I like to make my own decision. This time I wish I’d have gone against my usual stubborn ways. The Boxtrolls is a lovely film, such a cute children’s cult film… Set in Cheesebridge & what do you think they like to eat in Cheesebridge…  Can you see why I should have done a little bit more research before watching the film? There was a lot of cheese & cheese talk. Strangely enough the people of Cheesebridge are kind of gross. When they’re eating cheese they spit it everywhere & eat with their mouths open – lots of mushy saliva cheese. It was actually kind of off putting – however talking about cheese now really makes me miss it. I can’t win – talk about a rock & a hard place.

To say last week I was moaning about how I was so bored of Gluten-Free Vegan breakfasts – now I love them. I’ve been waking up & looking forward to the luxury Breakfast I have stored up. Today was the Banana Bread I made early last week – just to let you know half got eaten the other half got portioned & frozen. It would be pretty funky stale otherwise – that’s not my style. One slice was Blackcurrant Jam & the other Wholefoods Brazil Nut Butter. Such a great flavour combination.

Banana Bread

Lunch was more ‘Green Lantern Soup’ – I remembered to take a picture today – the sweetcorn’s are lanterns by the way. Genius. After yesterday’s brilliant idea of SouperHero dishes. I’ve been coming up with some right beauties.


When I got home I was straight to the stove & blender to make ‘Star Lord’ – Sweetcorn & Leek Soup. I’m considering leaving my job to open my own café in Worcester – it would obviously be called SouperHeros. All the soups will be named accordingly. The décor will be comic books. I’ll take this to Dragons Den & in a years’ time it’ll be a chain. Thinking big here!

After lunch I had a banana – obviously. Accompanied by this tasty little yoghurt. Xotic Coconut Yogurt With A Hint Of Lemon. It was really yummy & oddly silvery white in colour. Went well with my banana – but what doesn’t go well with bananas?


Dinner was potentially my new favourite easy to make meal. Roasted Pepper & Courgette burger with Wholefoods Spicy Guacamole with Polenta & Carrot Chips & plenty of salad.

Eighteen days in & I’m really starting to enjoy this challenge – I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how I’m feeling about it for a while. Like I said earlier I do miss certain foods – but I think overtime this is something I’d get used to. Personally I have a lot more energy – I have never really struggled with a lack of energy but after carby food I can feel bloated & lethargic. I feel slow, heavy & not overly positive. I can honestly say I haven’t felt like that for a couple of weeks – even when I have had the Gluten-Free substitutes. I still tend to feel chipper, light & energetic. I strongly agree that cutting down on Gluten containing products can lead to a happier & healthier person.

Now… Just as I promised here’s your food lesson, like I said yesterday – Neelam asked me what Polenta & Quinoa are. I eat both these products on a regular basis & I wasn’t really sure. So I did what any modern-day person would do. I googled them.

Let’s start with Polenta – it’s basically cornmeal boiled into a porridge – sounds delightful. It’s mainly used as a Gluten-Free substitute. It is a good source of iron, thiamine, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium & fibre. People tend to think Polenta can be unhealthy & group it with other high carb foods. In fact it’s quite the opposite – as it is a complex carbohydrate it helps prevent diseases & controls glucose levels. So there you have it. Thumbs up for Polenta!

Now let’s talk about Quinoa. First of all did you know it’s pronounced ‘Keen-wha’ – nothing like how it’s spelt really. That made me look stupid for a good couple of years until someone pointed it out. Now I have the luxury of correcting people when they pronounce it wrong. It comes from a grain crop – but it’s not a crop – in fact it’s a seed. It is related to beetroots & spinach. It is really high in protein, which is essential for a Vegan diet. Another thumbs up goes to Quinoa – even if it does have a silly name.

Now your brain is stocked up on all this lovely foody knowledge I’m going to leave you to think on it. Think long & hard & then eat some Polenta.

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