Seventeen – Souperhero.

Last night  I had a dream. Not to be confused with Martin Luther King Jnr. I had an actual food dream. In the dream I went out for dinner with my friends & Derren Brown. Good start to a dream. There was little choice for me to have on the menu – I turned to Derren & said ‘Oh look I can have ham, egg & chips but without the ham’. My egg & chips came out in a giant cocktail glass & it all looked very fancy to say it was just egg & chips. Then for a moment I looked away & when I looked back my cocktail styled dinner changed into some sort of roast dinner. Now I had a normal plate, half of which was cabbage, potato cakes shaped like fish & loads of Quorn Sausages. I didn’t question this & digged in. However no matter how much I ate my plate never got smaller. I’d eat a Quorn Sausage & then move a lump of cabbage & there would appear another sausage. I’d eat a fish shaped potato cake & another would swim out of the gravy. The cabbage no matter how much I ate was still a mountain. My friends had dessert & paid while I was still trying to chomp away. Then Derren Brown shouted at me & I woke up.

I have decided to psychoanalyse myself. Firstly – I can’t have egg so even egg & chips would not be an option. However when I went to my friend Paul’s house last week – he is Gluten-intolerant. He mentioned that if he goes to a pub for a meal he can usually have ham, egg & chips. Why was it in a cocktail glass? I have no idea.

Secondly – the pile of cabbage refers to the giant cabbage I bought from Wholefoods on Saturday. Simple. My friend asked me if I eat a lot of Quorn earlier that day & I explained that I’m not a massive fan of QuornI’d prefer to have more vegetables. Which leaves me with the fish shaped potato cakes. Again I’m not too sure about this.

Thirdly – My meal changing when I wasn’t looking – well that’s obvious isn’t it? That was Derren playing his little mind tricks. Fudge you Derren! I worked out your tomfoolery!

Conclusion – I’m not insane I just like dreaming about a lot of food. Lots & lots of food, stuffing my face until someone shouts at me. That’s normal, right?Brazil Nut Butter

I love my Wholefoods Brazil Nut Butter. I had it on toast this morning. So the picture doesn’t look appealing – I see that. However it was amazing. It’s strangly quite oily – I guess because Brazil Nuts are kind of oily tasting. It made the toast taste like fried nutty bread. It was delioious. My morning start was bliss.

My mid morning snack was another new Nakd bar. This time it was Banana Bread. This is my favourite Nakd bar so far. Maybe it’s because it involves banana & I love bananas remember.

nakd banana

I wore a green playsuit to work this morning – as I was walking to work I was thinking about all the lovely food I was going to consume in the next 14 hours. Lunch was a new type of ‘Hulk Soup’. I need a new name ‘Green Lanton Soup’ – all my soups can be named after superheros – Souperheors. Get it? Brilliance! Dinner tonight was left over Super Green Pesto Pasta. Therefore today I was very Green, dressed green, ate green, maybe I’ll turn into a green goblin.

I had very little pasta left. I decided to use my DS Gluten Free Brown Ciabattas Rolls & create garlic bread. A little treat for myself. So far these rolls have been a bit of a disapointment. They’re kind of dry & hard. However if you puree garlic & Dairy Free Pure Olive Spread then toast this combination. It’s amazing.

I’m going to the cinema now – I’ve got a pack of Asda Free From Choco Buttons as my film snack & I’m going to let my four eyes enjoy The Boxtrolls. I know I know….I’m too cool. So I’m going to cut todays blog short. However tomorrow you are in for a treat! My frolleague Neelam asked me what Polenta & Quinoa is. You know what – even though I eat these on a regular basis I don’t really know. I’m going to look into it & if it’s interesting – of course it is, why wouldn’t it be – it’s food, I’ll share.

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